Monday, September 27, 2010

NFL Week 4 Picks

Another 11-5 week, at least for the next few weeks that's impossible. But a good start to the season nonetheless. Fantasy Football now becomes real interesting with the byes starting this week.

Now to the Picks of Week 4

San Francisco (0-3) 13 @ Atlanta (2-1) 27
Wow what a win by the Falcons last week. What a gutsy called by Mike Smith to go for it on a 4th & 6 to not give the ball back to the Saints and to ice the game. Even though the attempt failed, the football gods rewarded the Falcons with a victory for the gutsiness of the call. As for San Fran, starting the season 0-3 is not a good thing but definitely count your blessings for being in the weakest division of football. They might even start 0-5 with Philly coming into town next week and still win the division. The Niners have had two games on the road and got blown out in both of them. They fired their offense coordinator this past week, hoping to get a boost in that department. I just think the Falcons are too much for them to handle this week, even though it can be one of those "Let Down" games after a huge victory for the Dirty Birds in New Orleans.

Cincinnati (2-1) 20 @ Cleveland (0-3) 10
The Battle of Ohio. To be honest with you, I think Ohio State can beat both these teams. Cleveland kept it close against the Ravens last week. I am beginning to agree with the Sports Guy and state that God hates Cleveland. I do not know what the land of Cleveland did to deserve this misery and suffering. Think about it, Byner's fumble, The Drive, Jordan killing the Ehlo and Price Cavs, Mesa's blown save, Modell packing up and leaving town only to win a Super Bowl in Baltimore, and their so called savior from sports misery LeBron packing up and leaving town. It doesn't look like its going to get better anytime soon. Cincy on the other hand has been playing sloppy, especially Palmer. Eventually this offense will start clicking and why not this Sunday against the Browns.

New York Jets (2-1) 30 @ Buffalo (0-3) 10
The Bills showed some heart last week in New England with Fitzpatrick under center. The Jets played a hard fought game down in South Beach. The Jets going for a 3 game sweep to their AFC East opponents which will give them a big edge on going on to win the division. I think the Jets D will cause turnovers which will ultimately make this game a landslide. Everyone is saying that LT is reborn. I think LT never needed to be reborn, it's amazing how a guy rushes for 730 yds and still scores 12 TDs on a pass first offense. Now that he is on a team that knows how to run the ball he is just doing what he has always done. Sanchez is growing into a QB right in front of our eyes. Also it helps to have Dustin Keller playing amazing football coming out of the tight end position. If this offense continues to grow throughout the season as the Defense will be one of the stinginess in the league, it's a recipe for a Super Bowl run.

Seattle (2-1) 17 @ St. Louis (1-2) 7
How do you even pick this game, and worst of all they play again later in the season. God I hate the NFC West. It's amazing how someone from this division is going to the playoffs. Congratulations to the Rams and for Sam Bradford's first professional win. Did anyone see that Jackson run for the TD, how the hell did he score. It looked like he was running in slow motion and the Skins still couldn't catch him. Just horrible D there by Washington last week. Seattle though caused 5 turnovers and Leon Washington returned two Kickoffs to the house and still had a nail biter in the end. How was San Diego still in the game with stats like that. I think I will have to go with the more veteran team here, so I'm picking the Hawks win this one.

Denver (1-2) 13 @ Tennessee (2-1) 24
Kyle Orton has been putting up career numbers early this season. Too bad they do not have a running game with Moreno out for the 2nd week in a row. Orton, although as well as he's been playing, can not do it himself. Which makes it easier for me to pick the Titans in this game. Last week in the Meadowlands it looked as if Chris Johnson didn't do much during the game, but then you look at his stats and he ended up with 125 yds and 2tds.

Detroit (0-3) 17 @ Green Bay (2-1) 31
18 penalties on Monday for the Pack, a franchise record. The main reason why they lost that game to the Bears. I think after losing to a rival like that, they will end up picking the Lions apart. What I don't understand about Monday was- Why didn't McCarthy just let the Bears score when they got down inside the 10? I mean don't these guys play Madden. I would rather have the ball in Rodgers hands to tie the game to send the game to OT (or go for the win with a 2 point conversion) then to have an improbable blocked field goal with so little time left.

Baltimore (2-1) 17 @ Pittsburgh (3-0) 13
Most likely the Game of the week. When these two teams face off against each other you know its going to be a hard nose battle til the end. The Steelers 3-0 without Big Ben, no one saw this one coming 'cept Pittsburgh fans. Looks like Charlie Batch gets the start again, unfortunately for him it is not the Buccaneers. This game is going to be won by whoever wins the Turnover battle. I just think the Ravens will come out on top in this game.

Carolina (0-3) 10 @ New Orleans (2-1) 34
Another tight game last week against the Falcons, lucky for them the Saints can beat up on the Panthers this week. Drew Brees has a monster game in this one. Maybe Carolina can get their running game going in this game, which has been non existent this season. Teams are daring them to have their QB beat them. Sucks for them that Drew Clausen is their QB.

Indianapolis (2-1) 31 @ Jacksonville (1-2) 13
Wow did the Jaguars looked horrible last week. Thank god for that, since it was against the Birds. You know it's bad when your team signs Trent Edwards off waivers. What a start to the season for 2nd year pro Austin Collie. It also helps out a lot to have Peyton Manning as your QB. This should be another monster game for Manning owners in fantasy. Who has put up at least 30 points in each of his 3 games this season. Look for that trend to continue this week. Over/Under for Jack Del Rio to be fire for me is Week 6.

Houston (2-1) 24 @ Oakland (1-2) 17
As soon as most people start to take the Texans seriously, they wet the bed against the Cowboys. I'm still picking them to win the division though. Andre Johnson will be going up against Asomugha, this time the team's #1 receiver has an actual QB throwing him the ball. But Johnson's ankle is not 100% yet but will try to be a factor in this game. Janikowski missing that game winner cost me my pool last week. What a bum, a game where Oakland would've won- lost it because of the $4 million kicker missed the game winner. It's about time for McFadden to wake up and produce at this level. Wow has he been looking like the back we all expected him to be coming out of college. I think the Texans are too much for the Raiders.

Washington (1-2) 21 @ Philadelphia (2-1) 27
My game of the week. One of my favorite Eagles of all-time comes back for revenge. If you haven't heard, #5 is coming back to the place he resurrected from the dead. I will never forget what McNabb has done for the Eagles franchise. Nor the day those Philly bums booed him on Draft Day. That was the day I started to hate Philly fans, even though I am one myself (only to the Eagles franchise, but with a New York sports mentality). Those bums wanted Ricky Williams while Doug Pederson as the QB. The man took us to 5 NFC championship games. And yet they seemed to never fully appreciated the man. He better get a standing Ovation when he is introduced, but I know it will be different as soon as he steps on the field as a Redskin. I think McNabb keeps this game close but the Eagles are the more talented team and will come out on top.

Arizona (2-1) 7 @ San Diego (1-2) 27
Why is it that the Chargers always start off slow under Norv Turner? With a Derek Anderson led team coming into your home stadium you better not lose. I said the Chargers will win by a landslide last week, I meant this week. They can't lose back to back games with NFC West opponents. They should be in control of this game throughout at home.

Chicago (3-0) 10 @ New York Giants (1-2) 14
I am picking the GMen for this game. I think its one of those "Let Down" games for the Bears after coming off an emotional win Monday night against their rival Packers. Cutler has been looking real good in the Mike Martz offense. Forte though needs to step up his running game, although he has been nice receiving the ball really well. The Giants need to stay away from stupid penalties and from left handed throws from Eli. With their back against the wall and being at home, the Giants win this in a tight one.

New England (2-1) 17 @ Miami (2-1) 24
Miami played a hard fought game against their foes (Jets) last week. They get to take out their frustration against another foe- The Patriots. The Pats D is suspect to say the least, but do have the highest scoring offense. I give the edge to the Fins because of their Defense. Some good plays by Keller and a Jason Allen slipped won that game for the Jets last week. I think the Fins learned from their mistakes and beat the Pats.


Dallas (1-2)
A must needed win against the Texans. Now get two weeks off to regroup and most likely start playing like the team everyone expected them to be after the break.

Minnesota (1-2)
Brett Favre's training camp officially comes to an end. Now it is the real season for Favre. Sucks his team thought that 3 weeks ago.

Kansas City (3-0)
Going into the week as one of three undefeated. Will go into next week against Indianapolis as the only remaining undefeated team.

Tampa Bay (2-1)
Much needed week off after the beating from the Steel Curtain.

Last Week: 11-5

Season: 33-15

Thursday, September 23, 2010

NFL Week 3

Kenny Powers is back on Sunday, can not wait. East Bound & Down is one of the funniest shows on TV these days. It is a different kind of humor, but one that as my ass laughing. As for the opening show of Boardwalk Empire, wow what a way to start the show off. Loving everything about it. They do a really great job with the setting of the 1920s, with the clothes, cars, styles, and the advertisement of the times. Don't know if this show will eventually beat out my top show of all time The Wire, but it already looks to be better than The Sopranos. Only time will tell.

Now let's talk some football. Obviously the big news of the week comes from my favorite organization, The Philadelphia Eagles. Over the summer the Eagles traded their best QB ever to a division rival. Throughout the summer in training camp and preseason, all you heard was Kevin Kolb is the guy- our leader. I bought into this because I trust Andy Reid, except for when it comes to getting 1 yard and time management. I also believed that Andy was a better coach when McNabb wasn't in there. He led a AJ Feeley quarterback team to a 4 game winning streak before losing a meaningless game to the GMen to secure a bye and give McNabb time to come back from an ankle injury. He also had a 50 yr old Jeff Garcia make an improbable 6 game winning streak to make the playoffs when #5 went down for the season. I thought this will translate to Kolb. Unfortunately Kolb went down in week 1 with a concussion. Something that needs to be taken seriously not just the NFL but on all levels of any sport. Vick stepped in and did his thing to get the Birds back into the game against Green Bay, but came up short. Then with Kolb out in Week 2 against a team that has only won 2 out of 36, Vick rise from the dead and took the opportunity and ran with it. He looked like the Vick of old and Reid took notice and named him the starter by going against what he has been saying since the McNabb trade. In the short term I think it's the right thing to do. It gives the Eagles the best chance to win right now. Long term wise though, it takes a year away to have Kolb get game time chemistry with the offense. All this trade talk with Kolb is nonsense, Andy has to prove that he made the right decision on letting go of McNabb.

Now let's get to some picks. The past two weeks my record as been 11-5 each week. I was one win away from my office pool last week.

Tennessee (1-1) 17 @ New York Giants (1-1) 14

Both of these teams last week played ugly. Something has to give in this game. Speaking of ugly, did anyone see that thing in the stands when Jacobs threw his helmet to the stands. look at the 27 sec mark, oh boy will it hurt your eyes. 34 yards for Chris Johnson last week. I don't think that is happening this week as I see a Johnson explosion. I say 160 total yds and 2 tds. He is the only reason why I'm taking the Titans this week.

Pittsburgh (2-0) 13 @ Tampa Bay (2-0) 10

The Steelers are down to their 4th string QB, Charlie Batch. Who is the backup for this game?? I hope they have Kordell on call. As for Tampa, they have been a nice little surprise- especially Josh Freeman. I just think Pitt's D is too much for the Bucs in this one. Tampa can pull it out but they need turnovers and that Special Teams TD and to have the Steelers look ahead to their battle against the Ravens next week. I don't see that happening, but I do see another Defensive, Grind them out win for the Steel Curtain in this one.

Cincinnati (1-1) 27 @ Carolina (0-2) 6
Notre Dame Alum Drew Clausen gets his first start as a NFL quarterback. It ain't going to pretty. I think the Bengals offense wakes up this week after a hard fought game last week against the Ravens. This game should result in Tds instead of FGs for Cincy. I expect a huge game from Palmer and the Bengals D. Carolina tried to run the ball last week but couldn't against Tampa Bay. They need the run game this week to be in it, but with a rookie QB under center- I think you'll be seeing 8 men in the box to stop the Stewart Williams duo.

Cleveland (0-2) 6 @ Baltimore (1-1) 24

Really not much to say about this game other than the fact- if you are in a survivor pool pick whoever plays the Browns and Bills. I expect Joe Flacco to wake up from his sleep this week and get some confidence going into next week's big matchup against the Steelers.

Dallas (0-2) 38 @ Houston (2-0) 41

This one is going to be a slugfest. And the idea of Dallas being 0-3 is sweet music to my ears. Losing to another team in Texas just might be Wade Phillip's job. I don't expect him being a coach in the NFL in the near future and losing this game might push him out the door. The only thing I have seen from the Cowboys this year is mistake after mistake. They are just stupid mistakes like, dumbass penalties, play calling, and coverages. This reflects on the coaches and I'll be surprised if Phillips is the coach going into November. I am surprised that Schaub's arm didn't fall off last week after throwing for nearly 500 yards. That game against the 'Skins was like the old AFL shootouts. Fantasy wise you better hope you have anyone on these two teams to be playing and to not be playing anyone that are on them.

San Francisco (0-2) 17 @ Kansas City (2-0) 21

This game by far is the hardest one to pick. San Fran played their hearts out last week, and would've beaten the champs if it wasn't for costly turnovers. Will we see that team on Sunday or the team that showed up in Seattle to open the season? On the other hand, KC's D is playing awesome. I wish I can say to the same about Cassell, but the D has been making plays when needed to to pick up the Offenses slack. We are not going to see the crowd that was at Arrowhead for opening night, mainly because they will have less time to tailgate. But the KC faithful our always ready to be the 12th man and I think that will cause some time issues and miss play calling for the San Fran offense. Picking the home team here, especially after the Niners played a heart breaker on 6 days rest and are on the road.

Detroit (0-2) 13 & Minnesota (0-2) 17

Detroit at least can say they have an unofficial win. Minnesota, on the other hand, is in disarray. Favre is probably thinking why didn't I stay on my mower. The offense is not looking good at all. Does Rice really make that much of a difference for this team? I didn't think so at first, I knew it was a big lost and all but I didn't think the offense will free fall. To their credit though, they did face two tough opponents and should start picking up some confidence this week against the Lions. Peterson must be drooling right now after seeing Shady McCoy run for a 120 and 3 tds against Detroit last week. The Lions so far have been the most entertaining team this young in the season. One stupid ruling from a winning TD and coming back strong against the Eagles only to be derailed after recovering an onside kick. Best is a beast- man did he killed the Eagles in both the running and passing game last week. Should be another close one for the Lions but aren't able to pull it off.

Buffalo (0-2) 6 @ New England (1-1) 38

Wow did Tom Brady just implode in that 2nd half against the Jets last week. Maybe it's his hair. Seriously though losing Kevin Faulk for the season is huge for this Patriots team. I always liked the way he plays. He just goes out and gets the job done. Faulk will be missed especially on 3rd downs. Hasn't Buffalo seen this QB swap before? When are you guys going to get a QB- what are you waiting for?? I just don't get it, this has been an issue for many seasons now and yet they don't address it.

Atlanta (1-1) 27 @ New Orleans (2-0) 24

I'm going with the Falcons here, because they have what it takes to beat the Saints. And that is to keep Drew Brees and Co. off the field by giving the ball to Turner and Snelling. As long as Matty Ice does not make any mistakes, Atlanta should walk away from this game with a victory. Bad Break for Bush, but haven't you notice that that '04 USC team looks to be cursed. First Leinert gets cut, then Bush hands back the Heisman and then breaks his leg. Steve Smith from the Giants better watch out. Just a warning. Saints though have been playing on the edge to start this season, but championship teams just go out and find ways to win games.

Washington (1-1) 24 @ St Louis (0-2) 10

The Rams have been in both games this season but this week is different. Washington has a sour taste in their mouth after losing in OT at home to Houston. A game they should have won. Why wasn't Andre Johnson double covered on that all important 4th & 10? The 'Skins should not worry about a comeback with this Rams team.

Philadelphia (1-1) 27 @ Jacksonville (1-1) 17

Two things that impressed me last week with the Birds, 1- Shady McCoy and 2- Mike is back. Speaking of Vick, pretty classy cover by the Philly Daily News having "Top Dog" when Vick was name the starter. What a poor choice of a word. No wonder why everyone hates this fan base. The only thing that scares me this week is that Jones-Drew is about to get a breakout games this season. I'm just hoping it is not this one. Stewart Bradley coming back will help a lot not making that happen. Beware of picking the Birds because they have never beaten the Jags.

Oakland (1-1) 20 @ Arizona (1-1) 13

Bruce named the starter for Da Raiders this past week. A good week to do it quietly with Philadelphia taking all of the media with their QB switch. I think this is the right call. Last year when they finally pulled the worthless Russell out, they started playing with heart with Gradkowski under center. Michael Bush should return to get some action as is Beanie Wells for 'Zona. Interesting matchup with Larry Fitzgerald going up against Nnamdi Asomugha. It probably would've been the one on one matchup of the week but Fitz doesn't have anyone who can throw to him.

San Diego (1-1) 41 @ Seattle (1-1) 10

This should be another blow out for the Chargers. Ryan Mathews went down with a high ankle sprain last week and I doubt he'll suit up. Tolbert will be the biggest beneficiary in fantasy leagues. San Diego should also get a boost on their O-line as McNeil signed his tender, but that isn't happening til Week 6.

Indianapolis (1-1) 31 @ Denver (1-1) 13

Sad Story to what happen to Kenny McKinley (2nd year pro from South Carolina), my prayers go out to the family. I thinks the Colts are too much to handle for the Broncos, even though they will have that extra mojo for playing this one for McKinley. I love what the Colts did last Sunday. Can you believe they ran the ball more then passed. This must've been the 1st time this decade that happened. Peyton put the smack down on his 'lil brother defense & on the other side Eli was getting harass all night by Freeney and Mathis. I expect more of the same here in Denver.

New York Jets (1-1) 24 @ Miami (2-0) 27

My most anticipated game of the week. These two teams hate each other and it shows on the field. Always a fun game to watch. Whether it be Marino's fake spike or Jumbo Elliot scoring a touchdown during an amazing MNF comeback. The 'Fins matchup great against this team and I see them giving Sanchez fits. No Revis means Cromartie will be covering Marshall. As these two foes played in the West before- it is no contest who is better. And Braylon Braylon Braylon- WTF were you thinking?? I just don't get it with these athletes- CALL A CAR SERVICE. Just a stupid mistake and it caused an unwanted distraction this week.

Green Bay (2-0) 27 @ Chicago (2-0) 28

This should be another fun game to watch this week. The battle for the early division lead in the North. I give Chicago the edge because of No Grant (Green Bay had Buffalo last week, so not having Grant wasn't noticeable). Rodgers will have to win this one by himself. Both these Quarterbacks are going to get murdered because of their awful O-lines. I think they are both going to make mistakes and when they do the other needs to respond by getting Touchdowns.

Last Week: 11-5

Season: 22-10

Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 2 Picks

Let's start off that I am very excited for Sunday nights once more because of HBO. This Sunday is the premiere of my most anticipated show this Fall Boardwalk Empire. It is based on a book Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City written by Nelson Johnson. I haven't read it but by the looks of the show it looks like this is going to be added to my "To Read List". Martin Scorsese is the director for this show, and as of late he has been hitting homeruns with his previous movies Shutter Island and The Departed. Steve Buscemi is the main charactor playing Nucky Thompson. Thompson is based on the real life of Enoch L. Johnson, who was the political boss of AC during the 20s. Should be an interesting show that also has the character of my favorite gangster of all time, a young Lucky Luciano and also a young Al Capone.
And of course next Sunday the man who can throw a fastball faster than f**k is back. Can not wait for you Kenny Powers to return to my television set.

I will also like to congratulate Donnie Baseball on getting the job of manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers after Joe Torre steps down this season. I wish nothing but the best and hope for some Dodgers Yankees World Series to reign the sport once again. Without further ado here are my picks for Week 2

NFL Week Two Picks
Arizona (1-0) 13 at Atlanta (0-1) 27
I am expecting a HUGE game from Michal Turner. My man was bottled up all day last Sunday against an always tough Pittsburgh "D". I just have the feeling of a 120 yd. day with a TD. It's the home opener of the Falcons also, and i might add that Derek Anderson is the QB for the Cardinals.

Baltimore (1-0) 24 at Cincinnati (0-1) 17
Division games are always tough to chose. Cincinnati last year ran the table on their fellow North opponents to win the Division. I think this is the game that Baltimore had circled during the offseason. Monday night was an ugly win for the Ravens against the Jets but hey a win is a win in the NFL. And did you see that hit that Lewis put on Keller, Expect that all day Cincy. Cincy on the other hand recieved an butt whooping from the Patriots. Baltimore comes out and executes a little better on Offense and Rutgers Alum Ray Rice gets a 100 yd day.

Kansas City (1-0) 17 at Cleveland (0-1)10
Looks to be another long year for Cleveland. And now they don't even have LeBron to wait for next month. Did anyone watch the Kansas City crowd on Monday- no one was sitting down and they were screaming all night long. Honestly they played a huge part in that KC victory over SD. What surprise me the most in that game was how pumped up their D was. I like their attitude this year. And they might be the team that just seems to come out of nowhere each year. Should be a boring game in Cleveland this Sunday and I'm picking KC because I do not trust Jake Delhoumme. You will be hearing cries for Seneca Wallace soon.

Chicago (1-0) 13 at Dallas (0-1) 24
What can I say about this game. Dallas looked horrible in Washington and Chicago should've lost at home against Detroit. I'm going with the Home team is this game and Dallas gets its season on track in this game. Did you notice how often Tony Homo was passing it to the rookie Dez Byrant over his long time clutch guy Jason Witten. Possibly one of the many reasons why Dallas looked horrible last week. And for Forte- Keep it up my man, only one thing though when you get the ball 3 times on the 1-yd line, Punch that s**t in.

Philadelphia (0-1) 34 at Detroit (0-1) 17
Not only did that Detroit lost because of that no TD call on Calvin Johnson, The Heines lost also. But without that lost I wouldn't have been able to pick up Michael Vick who will be starting a NFL game for the 1st time since 2006. Shaun Hill will be starting at QB for the Lions and Philly's D gave Aaron Rodgers problems- I expect the same in this game. Philly played a brutal game last week against the Pack, losing Leanord Weaver and Jamal Jackson (who I feel really bad about because of the hard work he put in to rehab his knee to start week one) and the Pack lost Ryan Grant. Let's hope this does not continue. DJax gets a big play in this game and the D will return an INT to the house.

Buffalo (0-1) 6 at Green Bay (1-0) 41
Home opener for the Pack becomes a laughing stock. Aaron Rodgers has a huge day for his fantasy owners, while owners who picked up Jackson will gloat this week.

Pittsburgh (1-0) 17 at Tennessee (1-0) 10
Tough game to pick here. Tennessee just destroyed the Raiders last week while Pitt had a hard fought game that ended in OT against Atlanta. I think this is a Defensive game with Pitt coming out on top. The only question in this game to ask is, Will Chris Johnson's 100 yd. game streak come to an end. Pittsburgh's D will love to be the team to stop it and keep Barry Sanders record intact.

Miami (1-0) 9 at Minnesota (0-1) 24
Another tough one to pick even though I have Minney winning by a big margin. It's just that I love the Fins this season, but I don't see the Vikings falling into a 0-2 hole and they have the luxery of a a few extra days off and they are at home where the crowd will be loud.

Tampa Bay (1-0) 14 at Carolina (0-1) 28
Matt Moore what were you thinking last week with those horrible throws in the red zone? I think Carolina sticks to the run game in this one and control it from the start. I'm just hoping Josh Freeman does something, since he is my backup in Tiger's league behind Kolb.

Seattle (1-0) 10 at Denver (0-1) 17
Wow Seattle came to play last week against NFC west favorites San Fran. But a road game in Denver is going to be a test for the Seahawks. The Broncos almost came back last week. They also traded for L. Maroney from the Pats as an insurance policy in case Moreno goes down. I just like them at home in this game.

St. Louis (0-1) 7 at Oakland (0-1) 21
I have one thing to say to Bradford for this game- DO NOT THROW IN ASOMUGHA'S AREA. He is only the best cornerback in the game. Don't get me wrong, Revis Island is great but all this talk about him being the best there is in his position is crab. Last game Bradford looked good at some points, and in others he looked like the rookie he is. Looks like he has all the tools to be a good one in years to come. Oakland comes back from an embarrasment in Tennessee and shows the Black Hole faithful hope.

New England (1-0) 31 at New York Jets (0-1) 17
What an awful display of offense the Jets display on Monday night. This game is going to be a great one as is any game when you have two teams that hate each other. Jets need to rebound this week and I hope they do, but with the offense looking like that- they won't be able to keep up the Pats. 31 might be a little high against this D, but Belichick will love nothing more than to get a garbage TD at the end.

Jacksonville (1-0) 10 at San Diego (0-1) 28
San Diego wakes up and their offense starts to fly this week. Tough atmosphere they played in on Monday, a crazy crowd and rain to get with it. But they were still in it in the end to send the game into OT but just didn't capitalize.

Houston (1-0) 27 at Washington (1-0) 13
Didn't I tell you Houston is the real deal this season. I know I know its only one week, but to beat a team that always gets off to a fast start every season let alone a team that has beaten you 15 out of 16 times is a statement to be reckon with. They didn't just beat the Colts, they dominated them in the trenches. I think this is a tough match for #5 and the Skins, but I was very impressed with their D on Sunday against the Cowgirls. Thank god for that win or McNabb would've lost 3 straight games against them. I will like to thank my Birds for closing the gap for the Skins by trading Donovan to them. This is going to be a four team race in the NFC East this year.

New York Giants (1-0) 13 at Indianapolis (0-1) 34
Message for the Gmen, Peyton is pissed and he will throw at will against your Defense on Sunday night. Tough game for the Giants this week, especially being on the road. I just hope Peyton doesn't do much cause I'm going against him in fantasy, but how often to you see the Colts lose two in a row let alone start 0-2. By the end of Sunday night, all of the NFC East will be at 1-1. By the way I hate the Gmen, but it was nice to see Kenny Phillips back making some plays. Always liked him at the U and his season ending injury last season really hurt the Giants last year.

New Orleans (1-0) 28 at San Francisco (0-1) 24
When was the last time you thought if New Orleans scores 14 they can still win the game. I can't even remember when that happen. Good defensive game plan by Greg Williams against the Vikings. But also Vikings stopped giving the ball to ALL DAY and expected a 41 year old to carry them. Saints should've lost but when Brad Childress is the coach across from your sidelines, you have a shot. San Francisco, why even show up in Seattle if you are going to play like that. I think Singletary lights a fire on their asses this week and they play hard but fall short to Brees and Co.

So there you have it with my week 2 picks. See you next Friday. Remember to watch I Boardwalk Empire Sunday night on HBO. Giants fans DVR it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

NFL Season and Fantasy Season Preview

I'm Baaaaaaack!!!

First off I will like to take the time to make up for lost time. A lot has happen since the last time I wrote the Blog. I will like to congratulate Sean and Noelle, who will be giving birth to their daughter sometime today. I can not wait to meet her. I wish you two nothing but the best. As for Jen and I we are expecting in February. It is at that point when it all starts becoming surreal. This past week has been the best week of my life, simply because of the YES i heard when I ask Jen to marry me. Words can not express the joy I felt. Big things to come in the year 2011!! But let's stick to 2010 and do a little Koeller's preview for the upcoming NFL/Fantasy season which begins tonight.

As all 5 of you know, I am a football fantasy junkie. I only really care about 2 leagues that I do. One is a league that Garland and I have been doing for 6 years. I remember the day when Garland came to me and ask me to partner up with him "so we can take these Old Guys money," this is how he describe it to me. Of course I couldn't refuse. Our team name is "Tiger", after Tiger Woods since he is so dominating in his sport we hoped it will translate to domination for us. First year was rough, but it is a 16 team leauge and you need a lil luck and waiver move savvy to compete in this league. Since then Tiger has been to 3 Super Bowls, only winning one but just making it that far year in and year out is an accomplishment in itself in fantasy. This year we had the 8th pick and our players are as follow in the order we picked 'em.
#1 RB- Michael Turner- don't expect 2008 numbers but i also don't expect last year's numbers either. Somewhere in the middle of the two is just fine with me.
#2 WR- Calvin Johnson- AKA Megatron- how can you not pick him with a name like that
#3 QB- Kevin Kolb- I know an Homey pick for me- He will have his struggles but we all know Reid likes to throw the football.
#4 RB- Felix Jones- I just expect him to stay healthy and have a breakout season this year
#5 WR- Wes Welker- Hopefully a steal this late in the draft if that knee holds up
#6 WR- Jeremy Maclin- To be honest, I love DJax we had him last year- but Maclin puts up bigger numbers this year than #10
#7 WR- Santonio Holmes- Needed a Buckeye for Garland's sake, but again a steal this late in the draft. He will be fresh coming out of a 4 week suspension.
#8 RB- Fred Jackson- Slim pickings here for RBs but he will be the one who score the TDs for the Bills when he returns.
#9 WR- Dexter McCluster- My Rookie sleeper out of KC. I think Weiss will have some things up his sleeve with this weapon out of Ole Miss.
#10 QB- Josh Freeman- Plays 'Zona in Kolb's bye week. To be honest there was no one else left.
#11 DB- Bernard Pollard- A league with Indivual Defense (1 DL, 1 LB, 1 DB) players instead of Team Defense. Houston is going to score in a hurry with that offense. So Pollard will be on the field making tackles.
#12 DL- Terrell Suggs- Listed as a DL in the league but plays like a LB. Expect a huge year from him.
#13 LB- DJ Williams- Quitely one of the best LBs in football out of Denver.
#14 TE- Jermaine Gresham- My sleeper of the year. Big rookie out of Oklahoma. With defenses concetrating on TO and #85 he will be a big red zone target for Carson Palmer.
#15 K- Dan Carpenter- Huge leg on this guy for the Fins.
#16 LB- Brian Cushing- Another suspended player but a safety net in case DJ Williams gets hurt. This guy can produce.

Now for the lineup in the league I run which is in it's 3rd year. I just basically copycatted the rules from Tiger's league and made my own, with the exception of it being 14 teams. My team name is "The Heines" and I had the 9th pick overall.
#1 RB Frank Gore- If healthy could possibly be the top back this year if Chris Johnson doesn't take the 2,500 season to heart.
#2 WR Calvin Johnson- Just a huge target for Sophmore QB Stafford
#3 QB Kevin Kolb- With him a Megatron on both my teams they need to produce
#4 RB Matt Forte- Had him on my team since his rookie year. Hoping he pull that year back instead of last year
#5 LB Patrick Willis- Just the baddest LB out there. Knew he wouldn't made it back to me so had to take him this high
#6 WR Jeremy Maclin- Hoping for the double dipper with Kolb as my QB
#7 WR Johnny Knox- Love the name. Hope Cutler can get him the ball.
#8 TE Chris Cooley- #5 loves his TEs, why will a new team change that.
#9 RB Arian Foster- A steal this late in the draft.
#10 DB Eric Berry- Hope he lives up to the hype
#11 K Garrett Hartley- NO Kicker, you know they will score in bunches and he will have his fair share of FGs and XPs to kick
#12 RB Donald Brown- Hoping for Addai to go down (Sorry Redskin Rampage) so he will become the starter
#13 QB Matt Hasselbeck- Just hope he is standing when Kolb is on his bye
#14 DL Ndamukong Suh- Again hope he lives up to the hype
#15 TE Jermaine Gresham- My sleeper have him on every team and real late too
#16 WR Jacoby Jones- I am just loving Houston this year for some reason and this will be the guy who gets the ball when the Beast Andre Johnson is doubled.

Let's get to some real Football with my predictions.
NFC East
#1- Dallas Cowboys (11-5)- HATE HATE this pick
#2- Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)- Tough schedule for the NFC East. I hope the Eagles got it right letting McNabb go. And as much as I hate to say it, I think they did.
#3- New York Giants (10-6)- Kenny Phillips back and the pickup of Rolle is going to help not only the secondary but also the D-line.
#4- Washington Redskins (8-8)- Just too many holes. Mcnabb is right back where he started with Philly- NO RECEIVERS.

NFC North
#1- Green Bay Packers (13-3)- Loving this team. Could possibly win it all.
#2- Minnesota Vikings (10-6)- Favre goes down. Jackson steps in at some point in the season.
#3- Detroit Lions (7-9)- They need to start winning at some point right??
#4- Chicago Bears (6-10)- Last year of Lovie Smith. And Cutler just might get murdered after his first 4 INT game of the season.

NFC South
#1- Atlanta Falcons (12-4)- Really like this team this year. Quitely put together one of the best Linebacker cores in the league. And guess what they are young and will be there for sometime.
#2- New Orleans Saints (11-5)- I see a drop off this year but still make the playoffs as a wild card.
#3- Carolina Panthers (9-7)- They are going to be a tough out week in and week out, but when it comes down to the 4th quarter do you really trust Matt Moore for the all season.
#4- Tampa Bay Buccaners (4-12)- Goodbye Maurice Morris.

NFC West
#1- San Francisco 49ers (10-6)- Should run the table in this very weak division.
#2- Seattle Seahawks (7-9)- New regime, but still need some rebuilding.
#3- Arizona Cardinals (7-9)- Do you really trust Derek Anderson. No Boldin means Larry Fitz is going to have a tough year.
#4- St. Louis Rams (2-14)- A learning Curve for Sam Bradford.

AFC East
#1- New York Jets (13-3)- Love Rex Ryan, Love the Defense.
#2- Miami Dolphins (11-5)- Chad Henne for Governer of Florida
#3- New England Patriots (10-6)- Too many ? marks for this Patriot team.
#4- Buffalo Bills (1-15)- With the 1st pick of the 2011 NFL Draft. The Buffalo Bills select Jake Locker QB Washington.

AFC North
#1- Baltimore Ravens (12-4)- Defense will slip a little but they finally have a dominating offense. Boldin and Rice are going to be a force to be recken with.
#2- Cincinnati Bengals (11-5)- Offense is looking good.
#3- Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7)- Another down year this year, but will rebound next year.
#4- Cleveland Browns (3-13)- Holmgren has his work cut out for him.

AFC South
#1- Houston Texans (12-4)- Colts have to fall at some point and I think this is the year it will happen. Week One is a must win against the Colts to give them the confidence for the rest of the year.
#2- Indiananoplis Colts (12-4)- A slip up this year, but then again you never bet against Peyton.
#3- Tennessee Titans (8-8)- Is it me or is 2,500 a real selfish goal for the most electricfying player in the NFL.
#4- Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14)- Don't trust them this year.

AFC West
#1 San Diego Chargers (11-5)- Even with Vincent Jackson and Tomlinson out they still have weapons for Phillip Rivers.
#2 Oakland Raiders (9-7)- A winning season for what will be the Sea Creature's last. Dude has to die sometime.
#3 Kansas City Chiefs (6-10)- Defense has holes but this offense should put up some numbers.
#4 Denver Broncos (5-11)- They will be a tough out but at the end they will fall.

NFC Playoffs
New Orleans over San Francisco
Philadelphia over Dallas

Green Bay over Philadelphia
New Orleans over Atlanta

Green Bay over New Orleans

AFC Playoffs
Miami over San Diego
Indiananapolis over Houston

New York over Miami
Baltimore over Indiananapolis

New York over Baltimore

Super Bowl
Green Bay 31 New York 24

So there you have it Packers over the Jets.