Thursday, September 23, 2010

NFL Week 3

Kenny Powers is back on Sunday, can not wait. East Bound & Down is one of the funniest shows on TV these days. It is a different kind of humor, but one that as my ass laughing. As for the opening show of Boardwalk Empire, wow what a way to start the show off. Loving everything about it. They do a really great job with the setting of the 1920s, with the clothes, cars, styles, and the advertisement of the times. Don't know if this show will eventually beat out my top show of all time The Wire, but it already looks to be better than The Sopranos. Only time will tell.

Now let's talk some football. Obviously the big news of the week comes from my favorite organization, The Philadelphia Eagles. Over the summer the Eagles traded their best QB ever to a division rival. Throughout the summer in training camp and preseason, all you heard was Kevin Kolb is the guy- our leader. I bought into this because I trust Andy Reid, except for when it comes to getting 1 yard and time management. I also believed that Andy was a better coach when McNabb wasn't in there. He led a AJ Feeley quarterback team to a 4 game winning streak before losing a meaningless game to the GMen to secure a bye and give McNabb time to come back from an ankle injury. He also had a 50 yr old Jeff Garcia make an improbable 6 game winning streak to make the playoffs when #5 went down for the season. I thought this will translate to Kolb. Unfortunately Kolb went down in week 1 with a concussion. Something that needs to be taken seriously not just the NFL but on all levels of any sport. Vick stepped in and did his thing to get the Birds back into the game against Green Bay, but came up short. Then with Kolb out in Week 2 against a team that has only won 2 out of 36, Vick rise from the dead and took the opportunity and ran with it. He looked like the Vick of old and Reid took notice and named him the starter by going against what he has been saying since the McNabb trade. In the short term I think it's the right thing to do. It gives the Eagles the best chance to win right now. Long term wise though, it takes a year away to have Kolb get game time chemistry with the offense. All this trade talk with Kolb is nonsense, Andy has to prove that he made the right decision on letting go of McNabb.

Now let's get to some picks. The past two weeks my record as been 11-5 each week. I was one win away from my office pool last week.

Tennessee (1-1) 17 @ New York Giants (1-1) 14

Both of these teams last week played ugly. Something has to give in this game. Speaking of ugly, did anyone see that thing in the stands when Jacobs threw his helmet to the stands. look at the 27 sec mark, oh boy will it hurt your eyes. 34 yards for Chris Johnson last week. I don't think that is happening this week as I see a Johnson explosion. I say 160 total yds and 2 tds. He is the only reason why I'm taking the Titans this week.

Pittsburgh (2-0) 13 @ Tampa Bay (2-0) 10

The Steelers are down to their 4th string QB, Charlie Batch. Who is the backup for this game?? I hope they have Kordell on call. As for Tampa, they have been a nice little surprise- especially Josh Freeman. I just think Pitt's D is too much for the Bucs in this one. Tampa can pull it out but they need turnovers and that Special Teams TD and to have the Steelers look ahead to their battle against the Ravens next week. I don't see that happening, but I do see another Defensive, Grind them out win for the Steel Curtain in this one.

Cincinnati (1-1) 27 @ Carolina (0-2) 6
Notre Dame Alum Drew Clausen gets his first start as a NFL quarterback. It ain't going to pretty. I think the Bengals offense wakes up this week after a hard fought game last week against the Ravens. This game should result in Tds instead of FGs for Cincy. I expect a huge game from Palmer and the Bengals D. Carolina tried to run the ball last week but couldn't against Tampa Bay. They need the run game this week to be in it, but with a rookie QB under center- I think you'll be seeing 8 men in the box to stop the Stewart Williams duo.

Cleveland (0-2) 6 @ Baltimore (1-1) 24

Really not much to say about this game other than the fact- if you are in a survivor pool pick whoever plays the Browns and Bills. I expect Joe Flacco to wake up from his sleep this week and get some confidence going into next week's big matchup against the Steelers.

Dallas (0-2) 38 @ Houston (2-0) 41

This one is going to be a slugfest. And the idea of Dallas being 0-3 is sweet music to my ears. Losing to another team in Texas just might be Wade Phillip's job. I don't expect him being a coach in the NFL in the near future and losing this game might push him out the door. The only thing I have seen from the Cowboys this year is mistake after mistake. They are just stupid mistakes like, dumbass penalties, play calling, and coverages. This reflects on the coaches and I'll be surprised if Phillips is the coach going into November. I am surprised that Schaub's arm didn't fall off last week after throwing for nearly 500 yards. That game against the 'Skins was like the old AFL shootouts. Fantasy wise you better hope you have anyone on these two teams to be playing and to not be playing anyone that are on them.

San Francisco (0-2) 17 @ Kansas City (2-0) 21

This game by far is the hardest one to pick. San Fran played their hearts out last week, and would've beaten the champs if it wasn't for costly turnovers. Will we see that team on Sunday or the team that showed up in Seattle to open the season? On the other hand, KC's D is playing awesome. I wish I can say to the same about Cassell, but the D has been making plays when needed to to pick up the Offenses slack. We are not going to see the crowd that was at Arrowhead for opening night, mainly because they will have less time to tailgate. But the KC faithful our always ready to be the 12th man and I think that will cause some time issues and miss play calling for the San Fran offense. Picking the home team here, especially after the Niners played a heart breaker on 6 days rest and are on the road.

Detroit (0-2) 13 & Minnesota (0-2) 17

Detroit at least can say they have an unofficial win. Minnesota, on the other hand, is in disarray. Favre is probably thinking why didn't I stay on my mower. The offense is not looking good at all. Does Rice really make that much of a difference for this team? I didn't think so at first, I knew it was a big lost and all but I didn't think the offense will free fall. To their credit though, they did face two tough opponents and should start picking up some confidence this week against the Lions. Peterson must be drooling right now after seeing Shady McCoy run for a 120 and 3 tds against Detroit last week. The Lions so far have been the most entertaining team this young in the season. One stupid ruling from a winning TD and coming back strong against the Eagles only to be derailed after recovering an onside kick. Best is a beast- man did he killed the Eagles in both the running and passing game last week. Should be another close one for the Lions but aren't able to pull it off.

Buffalo (0-2) 6 @ New England (1-1) 38

Wow did Tom Brady just implode in that 2nd half against the Jets last week. Maybe it's his hair. Seriously though losing Kevin Faulk for the season is huge for this Patriots team. I always liked the way he plays. He just goes out and gets the job done. Faulk will be missed especially on 3rd downs. Hasn't Buffalo seen this QB swap before? When are you guys going to get a QB- what are you waiting for?? I just don't get it, this has been an issue for many seasons now and yet they don't address it.

Atlanta (1-1) 27 @ New Orleans (2-0) 24

I'm going with the Falcons here, because they have what it takes to beat the Saints. And that is to keep Drew Brees and Co. off the field by giving the ball to Turner and Snelling. As long as Matty Ice does not make any mistakes, Atlanta should walk away from this game with a victory. Bad Break for Bush, but haven't you notice that that '04 USC team looks to be cursed. First Leinert gets cut, then Bush hands back the Heisman and then breaks his leg. Steve Smith from the Giants better watch out. Just a warning. Saints though have been playing on the edge to start this season, but championship teams just go out and find ways to win games.

Washington (1-1) 24 @ St Louis (0-2) 10

The Rams have been in both games this season but this week is different. Washington has a sour taste in their mouth after losing in OT at home to Houston. A game they should have won. Why wasn't Andre Johnson double covered on that all important 4th & 10? The 'Skins should not worry about a comeback with this Rams team.

Philadelphia (1-1) 27 @ Jacksonville (1-1) 17

Two things that impressed me last week with the Birds, 1- Shady McCoy and 2- Mike is back. Speaking of Vick, pretty classy cover by the Philly Daily News having "Top Dog" when Vick was name the starter. What a poor choice of a word. No wonder why everyone hates this fan base. The only thing that scares me this week is that Jones-Drew is about to get a breakout games this season. I'm just hoping it is not this one. Stewart Bradley coming back will help a lot not making that happen. Beware of picking the Birds because they have never beaten the Jags.

Oakland (1-1) 20 @ Arizona (1-1) 13

Bruce named the starter for Da Raiders this past week. A good week to do it quietly with Philadelphia taking all of the media with their QB switch. I think this is the right call. Last year when they finally pulled the worthless Russell out, they started playing with heart with Gradkowski under center. Michael Bush should return to get some action as is Beanie Wells for 'Zona. Interesting matchup with Larry Fitzgerald going up against Nnamdi Asomugha. It probably would've been the one on one matchup of the week but Fitz doesn't have anyone who can throw to him.

San Diego (1-1) 41 @ Seattle (1-1) 10

This should be another blow out for the Chargers. Ryan Mathews went down with a high ankle sprain last week and I doubt he'll suit up. Tolbert will be the biggest beneficiary in fantasy leagues. San Diego should also get a boost on their O-line as McNeil signed his tender, but that isn't happening til Week 6.

Indianapolis (1-1) 31 @ Denver (1-1) 13

Sad Story to what happen to Kenny McKinley (2nd year pro from South Carolina), my prayers go out to the family. I thinks the Colts are too much to handle for the Broncos, even though they will have that extra mojo for playing this one for McKinley. I love what the Colts did last Sunday. Can you believe they ran the ball more then passed. This must've been the 1st time this decade that happened. Peyton put the smack down on his 'lil brother defense & on the other side Eli was getting harass all night by Freeney and Mathis. I expect more of the same here in Denver.

New York Jets (1-1) 24 @ Miami (2-0) 27

My most anticipated game of the week. These two teams hate each other and it shows on the field. Always a fun game to watch. Whether it be Marino's fake spike or Jumbo Elliot scoring a touchdown during an amazing MNF comeback. The 'Fins matchup great against this team and I see them giving Sanchez fits. No Revis means Cromartie will be covering Marshall. As these two foes played in the West before- it is no contest who is better. And Braylon Braylon Braylon- WTF were you thinking?? I just don't get it with these athletes- CALL A CAR SERVICE. Just a stupid mistake and it caused an unwanted distraction this week.

Green Bay (2-0) 27 @ Chicago (2-0) 28

This should be another fun game to watch this week. The battle for the early division lead in the North. I give Chicago the edge because of No Grant (Green Bay had Buffalo last week, so not having Grant wasn't noticeable). Rodgers will have to win this one by himself. Both these Quarterbacks are going to get murdered because of their awful O-lines. I think they are both going to make mistakes and when they do the other needs to respond by getting Touchdowns.

Last Week: 11-5

Season: 22-10

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  1. I think Patrick Willis is gonna stop any chance of a running game that kc has id have to disagree with you on that one. Cassel hasn't done crap. Sad day bout McKinley great college player. Screw you and the colts tho.