Monday, September 27, 2010

NFL Week 4 Picks

Another 11-5 week, at least for the next few weeks that's impossible. But a good start to the season nonetheless. Fantasy Football now becomes real interesting with the byes starting this week.

Now to the Picks of Week 4

San Francisco (0-3) 13 @ Atlanta (2-1) 27
Wow what a win by the Falcons last week. What a gutsy called by Mike Smith to go for it on a 4th & 6 to not give the ball back to the Saints and to ice the game. Even though the attempt failed, the football gods rewarded the Falcons with a victory for the gutsiness of the call. As for San Fran, starting the season 0-3 is not a good thing but definitely count your blessings for being in the weakest division of football. They might even start 0-5 with Philly coming into town next week and still win the division. The Niners have had two games on the road and got blown out in both of them. They fired their offense coordinator this past week, hoping to get a boost in that department. I just think the Falcons are too much for them to handle this week, even though it can be one of those "Let Down" games after a huge victory for the Dirty Birds in New Orleans.

Cincinnati (2-1) 20 @ Cleveland (0-3) 10
The Battle of Ohio. To be honest with you, I think Ohio State can beat both these teams. Cleveland kept it close against the Ravens last week. I am beginning to agree with the Sports Guy and state that God hates Cleveland. I do not know what the land of Cleveland did to deserve this misery and suffering. Think about it, Byner's fumble, The Drive, Jordan killing the Ehlo and Price Cavs, Mesa's blown save, Modell packing up and leaving town only to win a Super Bowl in Baltimore, and their so called savior from sports misery LeBron packing up and leaving town. It doesn't look like its going to get better anytime soon. Cincy on the other hand has been playing sloppy, especially Palmer. Eventually this offense will start clicking and why not this Sunday against the Browns.

New York Jets (2-1) 30 @ Buffalo (0-3) 10
The Bills showed some heart last week in New England with Fitzpatrick under center. The Jets played a hard fought game down in South Beach. The Jets going for a 3 game sweep to their AFC East opponents which will give them a big edge on going on to win the division. I think the Jets D will cause turnovers which will ultimately make this game a landslide. Everyone is saying that LT is reborn. I think LT never needed to be reborn, it's amazing how a guy rushes for 730 yds and still scores 12 TDs on a pass first offense. Now that he is on a team that knows how to run the ball he is just doing what he has always done. Sanchez is growing into a QB right in front of our eyes. Also it helps to have Dustin Keller playing amazing football coming out of the tight end position. If this offense continues to grow throughout the season as the Defense will be one of the stinginess in the league, it's a recipe for a Super Bowl run.

Seattle (2-1) 17 @ St. Louis (1-2) 7
How do you even pick this game, and worst of all they play again later in the season. God I hate the NFC West. It's amazing how someone from this division is going to the playoffs. Congratulations to the Rams and for Sam Bradford's first professional win. Did anyone see that Jackson run for the TD, how the hell did he score. It looked like he was running in slow motion and the Skins still couldn't catch him. Just horrible D there by Washington last week. Seattle though caused 5 turnovers and Leon Washington returned two Kickoffs to the house and still had a nail biter in the end. How was San Diego still in the game with stats like that. I think I will have to go with the more veteran team here, so I'm picking the Hawks win this one.

Denver (1-2) 13 @ Tennessee (2-1) 24
Kyle Orton has been putting up career numbers early this season. Too bad they do not have a running game with Moreno out for the 2nd week in a row. Orton, although as well as he's been playing, can not do it himself. Which makes it easier for me to pick the Titans in this game. Last week in the Meadowlands it looked as if Chris Johnson didn't do much during the game, but then you look at his stats and he ended up with 125 yds and 2tds.

Detroit (0-3) 17 @ Green Bay (2-1) 31
18 penalties on Monday for the Pack, a franchise record. The main reason why they lost that game to the Bears. I think after losing to a rival like that, they will end up picking the Lions apart. What I don't understand about Monday was- Why didn't McCarthy just let the Bears score when they got down inside the 10? I mean don't these guys play Madden. I would rather have the ball in Rodgers hands to tie the game to send the game to OT (or go for the win with a 2 point conversion) then to have an improbable blocked field goal with so little time left.

Baltimore (2-1) 17 @ Pittsburgh (3-0) 13
Most likely the Game of the week. When these two teams face off against each other you know its going to be a hard nose battle til the end. The Steelers 3-0 without Big Ben, no one saw this one coming 'cept Pittsburgh fans. Looks like Charlie Batch gets the start again, unfortunately for him it is not the Buccaneers. This game is going to be won by whoever wins the Turnover battle. I just think the Ravens will come out on top in this game.

Carolina (0-3) 10 @ New Orleans (2-1) 34
Another tight game last week against the Falcons, lucky for them the Saints can beat up on the Panthers this week. Drew Brees has a monster game in this one. Maybe Carolina can get their running game going in this game, which has been non existent this season. Teams are daring them to have their QB beat them. Sucks for them that Drew Clausen is their QB.

Indianapolis (2-1) 31 @ Jacksonville (1-2) 13
Wow did the Jaguars looked horrible last week. Thank god for that, since it was against the Birds. You know it's bad when your team signs Trent Edwards off waivers. What a start to the season for 2nd year pro Austin Collie. It also helps out a lot to have Peyton Manning as your QB. This should be another monster game for Manning owners in fantasy. Who has put up at least 30 points in each of his 3 games this season. Look for that trend to continue this week. Over/Under for Jack Del Rio to be fire for me is Week 6.

Houston (2-1) 24 @ Oakland (1-2) 17
As soon as most people start to take the Texans seriously, they wet the bed against the Cowboys. I'm still picking them to win the division though. Andre Johnson will be going up against Asomugha, this time the team's #1 receiver has an actual QB throwing him the ball. But Johnson's ankle is not 100% yet but will try to be a factor in this game. Janikowski missing that game winner cost me my pool last week. What a bum, a game where Oakland would've won- lost it because of the $4 million kicker missed the game winner. It's about time for McFadden to wake up and produce at this level. Wow has he been looking like the back we all expected him to be coming out of college. I think the Texans are too much for the Raiders.

Washington (1-2) 21 @ Philadelphia (2-1) 27
My game of the week. One of my favorite Eagles of all-time comes back for revenge. If you haven't heard, #5 is coming back to the place he resurrected from the dead. I will never forget what McNabb has done for the Eagles franchise. Nor the day those Philly bums booed him on Draft Day. That was the day I started to hate Philly fans, even though I am one myself (only to the Eagles franchise, but with a New York sports mentality). Those bums wanted Ricky Williams while Doug Pederson as the QB. The man took us to 5 NFC championship games. And yet they seemed to never fully appreciated the man. He better get a standing Ovation when he is introduced, but I know it will be different as soon as he steps on the field as a Redskin. I think McNabb keeps this game close but the Eagles are the more talented team and will come out on top.

Arizona (2-1) 7 @ San Diego (1-2) 27
Why is it that the Chargers always start off slow under Norv Turner? With a Derek Anderson led team coming into your home stadium you better not lose. I said the Chargers will win by a landslide last week, I meant this week. They can't lose back to back games with NFC West opponents. They should be in control of this game throughout at home.

Chicago (3-0) 10 @ New York Giants (1-2) 14
I am picking the GMen for this game. I think its one of those "Let Down" games for the Bears after coming off an emotional win Monday night against their rival Packers. Cutler has been looking real good in the Mike Martz offense. Forte though needs to step up his running game, although he has been nice receiving the ball really well. The Giants need to stay away from stupid penalties and from left handed throws from Eli. With their back against the wall and being at home, the Giants win this in a tight one.

New England (2-1) 17 @ Miami (2-1) 24
Miami played a hard fought game against their foes (Jets) last week. They get to take out their frustration against another foe- The Patriots. The Pats D is suspect to say the least, but do have the highest scoring offense. I give the edge to the Fins because of their Defense. Some good plays by Keller and a Jason Allen slipped won that game for the Jets last week. I think the Fins learned from their mistakes and beat the Pats.


Dallas (1-2)
A must needed win against the Texans. Now get two weeks off to regroup and most likely start playing like the team everyone expected them to be after the break.

Minnesota (1-2)
Brett Favre's training camp officially comes to an end. Now it is the real season for Favre. Sucks his team thought that 3 weeks ago.

Kansas City (3-0)
Going into the week as one of three undefeated. Will go into next week against Indianapolis as the only remaining undefeated team.

Tampa Bay (2-1)
Much needed week off after the beating from the Steel Curtain.

Last Week: 11-5

Season: 33-15

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  1. "Wet the bed against Dallas", where did you come up with that one? Seriously though, I am enjoying reading your picks and synopsis of each game. Keep up the good work!