Friday, March 6, 2009


First off, I will like to thank Mr. Gary Baker for inspiring me to write a blog. It just seems like a good idea to write and discuss certain things. I am not a writer by any means, so there will be grammatical errors throughout this blog. I apologize early for these grammer mistakes. So, let's start by writing a lil about by myself.

My name is Christopher William Koeller and I am 29 years old. I finally moved out of my mother's house and got a place with my lovely girlfriend Jennifer. It's been a couple of weeks and things have been great. We moved into Oakwood Village. I know, I know- not much a move for me since this is the same development I have been living in since I was 7 years old. It's great to come home to someone you love every night. Jen is from Clifton, so she is adjusting to the area. I think she likes it, but hates the fact that you have to drive around to get places. Where in Clifton, literally everything is 5 minutes away. We have been with each other for 2 years now, so this is a big step in our relationship. I considered myself the luckiest man to be with someone so caring and thoughtful.

I will considered my hobbies as watching sports, playing PlayStation, and of course TV shows and movies. Not really hobbies but these are things i do during my spare time. My favorite sport is football. The Philadelphia Eagles are my team. I have had a lot of heartache this past decade with some big games, but at least they are in it- unlike some other teams. I will have to go with baseball as my 2nd fav. Nothing like going to the ballpark (especially what was Yankee stadium) on a warm/hot day rooting for the Yankees. I used to LOVE basketball growing up, and loved the Utah jazz when the Stockton to Malone pick and roll was their trademark. I have to say i have lost interest after they retired, probably because i always said the knicks will be my team when those two are done. That pretty much states it all, since new york has been sort of a laughing stock for a few years (thanks to Isiah). I have fallen in love with Liverpool. The only reason why i became a Liverpool fan was because of the performance Michael Owen put in the 1998 World Cup. He just happen to be on Liverpool at the time. I will probably be writing a lot about sports in this blog because i love the competition and the possibility of seeing something that has never happen before.

That's about it for now.

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I'll try to write regularly, and please feel free to comment.

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