Thursday, September 9, 2010

NFL Season and Fantasy Season Preview

I'm Baaaaaaack!!!

First off I will like to take the time to make up for lost time. A lot has happen since the last time I wrote the Blog. I will like to congratulate Sean and Noelle, who will be giving birth to their daughter sometime today. I can not wait to meet her. I wish you two nothing but the best. As for Jen and I we are expecting in February. It is at that point when it all starts becoming surreal. This past week has been the best week of my life, simply because of the YES i heard when I ask Jen to marry me. Words can not express the joy I felt. Big things to come in the year 2011!! But let's stick to 2010 and do a little Koeller's preview for the upcoming NFL/Fantasy season which begins tonight.

As all 5 of you know, I am a football fantasy junkie. I only really care about 2 leagues that I do. One is a league that Garland and I have been doing for 6 years. I remember the day when Garland came to me and ask me to partner up with him "so we can take these Old Guys money," this is how he describe it to me. Of course I couldn't refuse. Our team name is "Tiger", after Tiger Woods since he is so dominating in his sport we hoped it will translate to domination for us. First year was rough, but it is a 16 team leauge and you need a lil luck and waiver move savvy to compete in this league. Since then Tiger has been to 3 Super Bowls, only winning one but just making it that far year in and year out is an accomplishment in itself in fantasy. This year we had the 8th pick and our players are as follow in the order we picked 'em.
#1 RB- Michael Turner- don't expect 2008 numbers but i also don't expect last year's numbers either. Somewhere in the middle of the two is just fine with me.
#2 WR- Calvin Johnson- AKA Megatron- how can you not pick him with a name like that
#3 QB- Kevin Kolb- I know an Homey pick for me- He will have his struggles but we all know Reid likes to throw the football.
#4 RB- Felix Jones- I just expect him to stay healthy and have a breakout season this year
#5 WR- Wes Welker- Hopefully a steal this late in the draft if that knee holds up
#6 WR- Jeremy Maclin- To be honest, I love DJax we had him last year- but Maclin puts up bigger numbers this year than #10
#7 WR- Santonio Holmes- Needed a Buckeye for Garland's sake, but again a steal this late in the draft. He will be fresh coming out of a 4 week suspension.
#8 RB- Fred Jackson- Slim pickings here for RBs but he will be the one who score the TDs for the Bills when he returns.
#9 WR- Dexter McCluster- My Rookie sleeper out of KC. I think Weiss will have some things up his sleeve with this weapon out of Ole Miss.
#10 QB- Josh Freeman- Plays 'Zona in Kolb's bye week. To be honest there was no one else left.
#11 DB- Bernard Pollard- A league with Indivual Defense (1 DL, 1 LB, 1 DB) players instead of Team Defense. Houston is going to score in a hurry with that offense. So Pollard will be on the field making tackles.
#12 DL- Terrell Suggs- Listed as a DL in the league but plays like a LB. Expect a huge year from him.
#13 LB- DJ Williams- Quitely one of the best LBs in football out of Denver.
#14 TE- Jermaine Gresham- My sleeper of the year. Big rookie out of Oklahoma. With defenses concetrating on TO and #85 he will be a big red zone target for Carson Palmer.
#15 K- Dan Carpenter- Huge leg on this guy for the Fins.
#16 LB- Brian Cushing- Another suspended player but a safety net in case DJ Williams gets hurt. This guy can produce.

Now for the lineup in the league I run which is in it's 3rd year. I just basically copycatted the rules from Tiger's league and made my own, with the exception of it being 14 teams. My team name is "The Heines" and I had the 9th pick overall.
#1 RB Frank Gore- If healthy could possibly be the top back this year if Chris Johnson doesn't take the 2,500 season to heart.
#2 WR Calvin Johnson- Just a huge target for Sophmore QB Stafford
#3 QB Kevin Kolb- With him a Megatron on both my teams they need to produce
#4 RB Matt Forte- Had him on my team since his rookie year. Hoping he pull that year back instead of last year
#5 LB Patrick Willis- Just the baddest LB out there. Knew he wouldn't made it back to me so had to take him this high
#6 WR Jeremy Maclin- Hoping for the double dipper with Kolb as my QB
#7 WR Johnny Knox- Love the name. Hope Cutler can get him the ball.
#8 TE Chris Cooley- #5 loves his TEs, why will a new team change that.
#9 RB Arian Foster- A steal this late in the draft.
#10 DB Eric Berry- Hope he lives up to the hype
#11 K Garrett Hartley- NO Kicker, you know they will score in bunches and he will have his fair share of FGs and XPs to kick
#12 RB Donald Brown- Hoping for Addai to go down (Sorry Redskin Rampage) so he will become the starter
#13 QB Matt Hasselbeck- Just hope he is standing when Kolb is on his bye
#14 DL Ndamukong Suh- Again hope he lives up to the hype
#15 TE Jermaine Gresham- My sleeper have him on every team and real late too
#16 WR Jacoby Jones- I am just loving Houston this year for some reason and this will be the guy who gets the ball when the Beast Andre Johnson is doubled.

Let's get to some real Football with my predictions.
NFC East
#1- Dallas Cowboys (11-5)- HATE HATE this pick
#2- Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)- Tough schedule for the NFC East. I hope the Eagles got it right letting McNabb go. And as much as I hate to say it, I think they did.
#3- New York Giants (10-6)- Kenny Phillips back and the pickup of Rolle is going to help not only the secondary but also the D-line.
#4- Washington Redskins (8-8)- Just too many holes. Mcnabb is right back where he started with Philly- NO RECEIVERS.

NFC North
#1- Green Bay Packers (13-3)- Loving this team. Could possibly win it all.
#2- Minnesota Vikings (10-6)- Favre goes down. Jackson steps in at some point in the season.
#3- Detroit Lions (7-9)- They need to start winning at some point right??
#4- Chicago Bears (6-10)- Last year of Lovie Smith. And Cutler just might get murdered after his first 4 INT game of the season.

NFC South
#1- Atlanta Falcons (12-4)- Really like this team this year. Quitely put together one of the best Linebacker cores in the league. And guess what they are young and will be there for sometime.
#2- New Orleans Saints (11-5)- I see a drop off this year but still make the playoffs as a wild card.
#3- Carolina Panthers (9-7)- They are going to be a tough out week in and week out, but when it comes down to the 4th quarter do you really trust Matt Moore for the all season.
#4- Tampa Bay Buccaners (4-12)- Goodbye Maurice Morris.

NFC West
#1- San Francisco 49ers (10-6)- Should run the table in this very weak division.
#2- Seattle Seahawks (7-9)- New regime, but still need some rebuilding.
#3- Arizona Cardinals (7-9)- Do you really trust Derek Anderson. No Boldin means Larry Fitz is going to have a tough year.
#4- St. Louis Rams (2-14)- A learning Curve for Sam Bradford.

AFC East
#1- New York Jets (13-3)- Love Rex Ryan, Love the Defense.
#2- Miami Dolphins (11-5)- Chad Henne for Governer of Florida
#3- New England Patriots (10-6)- Too many ? marks for this Patriot team.
#4- Buffalo Bills (1-15)- With the 1st pick of the 2011 NFL Draft. The Buffalo Bills select Jake Locker QB Washington.

AFC North
#1- Baltimore Ravens (12-4)- Defense will slip a little but they finally have a dominating offense. Boldin and Rice are going to be a force to be recken with.
#2- Cincinnati Bengals (11-5)- Offense is looking good.
#3- Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7)- Another down year this year, but will rebound next year.
#4- Cleveland Browns (3-13)- Holmgren has his work cut out for him.

AFC South
#1- Houston Texans (12-4)- Colts have to fall at some point and I think this is the year it will happen. Week One is a must win against the Colts to give them the confidence for the rest of the year.
#2- Indiananoplis Colts (12-4)- A slip up this year, but then again you never bet against Peyton.
#3- Tennessee Titans (8-8)- Is it me or is 2,500 a real selfish goal for the most electricfying player in the NFL.
#4- Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14)- Don't trust them this year.

AFC West
#1 San Diego Chargers (11-5)- Even with Vincent Jackson and Tomlinson out they still have weapons for Phillip Rivers.
#2 Oakland Raiders (9-7)- A winning season for what will be the Sea Creature's last. Dude has to die sometime.
#3 Kansas City Chiefs (6-10)- Defense has holes but this offense should put up some numbers.
#4 Denver Broncos (5-11)- They will be a tough out but at the end they will fall.

NFC Playoffs
New Orleans over San Francisco
Philadelphia over Dallas

Green Bay over Philadelphia
New Orleans over Atlanta

Green Bay over New Orleans

AFC Playoffs
Miami over San Diego
Indiananapolis over Houston

New York over Miami
Baltimore over Indiananapolis

New York over Baltimore

Super Bowl
Green Bay 31 New York 24

So there you have it Packers over the Jets.


  1. Miami w/ a playoff win? I love it.

    But where are the G-Men in your picks??

  2. Saints and Philly are my wildcards.

  3. So I'm sitting here wondering... Why am I not involved in these 2 paramount leagues of yours?

    -Tired of losing to me?
    -Don't want to mix in a professional with a group of amateurs?
    -Focused on being a winner moving forward?
    -Saving that last spot for your daughter?
    -Maybe we are not friends and I just don't know about it?

    Transfixed, I will allow the answer to reveal itself.