Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 2 Picks

Let's start off that I am very excited for Sunday nights once more because of HBO. This Sunday is the premiere of my most anticipated show this Fall Boardwalk Empire. It is based on a book Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City written by Nelson Johnson. I haven't read it but by the looks of the show it looks like this is going to be added to my "To Read List". Martin Scorsese is the director for this show, and as of late he has been hitting homeruns with his previous movies Shutter Island and The Departed. Steve Buscemi is the main charactor playing Nucky Thompson. Thompson is based on the real life of Enoch L. Johnson, who was the political boss of AC during the 20s. Should be an interesting show that also has the character of my favorite gangster of all time, a young Lucky Luciano and also a young Al Capone.
And of course next Sunday the man who can throw a fastball faster than f**k is back. Can not wait for you Kenny Powers to return to my television set.

I will also like to congratulate Donnie Baseball on getting the job of manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers after Joe Torre steps down this season. I wish nothing but the best and hope for some Dodgers Yankees World Series to reign the sport once again. Without further ado here are my picks for Week 2

NFL Week Two Picks
Arizona (1-0) 13 at Atlanta (0-1) 27
I am expecting a HUGE game from Michal Turner. My man was bottled up all day last Sunday against an always tough Pittsburgh "D". I just have the feeling of a 120 yd. day with a TD. It's the home opener of the Falcons also, and i might add that Derek Anderson is the QB for the Cardinals.

Baltimore (1-0) 24 at Cincinnati (0-1) 17
Division games are always tough to chose. Cincinnati last year ran the table on their fellow North opponents to win the Division. I think this is the game that Baltimore had circled during the offseason. Monday night was an ugly win for the Ravens against the Jets but hey a win is a win in the NFL. And did you see that hit that Lewis put on Keller, Expect that all day Cincy. Cincy on the other hand recieved an butt whooping from the Patriots. Baltimore comes out and executes a little better on Offense and Rutgers Alum Ray Rice gets a 100 yd day.

Kansas City (1-0) 17 at Cleveland (0-1)10
Looks to be another long year for Cleveland. And now they don't even have LeBron to wait for next month. Did anyone watch the Kansas City crowd on Monday- no one was sitting down and they were screaming all night long. Honestly they played a huge part in that KC victory over SD. What surprise me the most in that game was how pumped up their D was. I like their attitude this year. And they might be the team that just seems to come out of nowhere each year. Should be a boring game in Cleveland this Sunday and I'm picking KC because I do not trust Jake Delhoumme. You will be hearing cries for Seneca Wallace soon.

Chicago (1-0) 13 at Dallas (0-1) 24
What can I say about this game. Dallas looked horrible in Washington and Chicago should've lost at home against Detroit. I'm going with the Home team is this game and Dallas gets its season on track in this game. Did you notice how often Tony Homo was passing it to the rookie Dez Byrant over his long time clutch guy Jason Witten. Possibly one of the many reasons why Dallas looked horrible last week. And for Forte- Keep it up my man, only one thing though when you get the ball 3 times on the 1-yd line, Punch that s**t in.

Philadelphia (0-1) 34 at Detroit (0-1) 17
Not only did that Detroit lost because of that no TD call on Calvin Johnson, The Heines lost also. But without that lost I wouldn't have been able to pick up Michael Vick who will be starting a NFL game for the 1st time since 2006. Shaun Hill will be starting at QB for the Lions and Philly's D gave Aaron Rodgers problems- I expect the same in this game. Philly played a brutal game last week against the Pack, losing Leanord Weaver and Jamal Jackson (who I feel really bad about because of the hard work he put in to rehab his knee to start week one) and the Pack lost Ryan Grant. Let's hope this does not continue. DJax gets a big play in this game and the D will return an INT to the house.

Buffalo (0-1) 6 at Green Bay (1-0) 41
Home opener for the Pack becomes a laughing stock. Aaron Rodgers has a huge day for his fantasy owners, while owners who picked up Jackson will gloat this week.

Pittsburgh (1-0) 17 at Tennessee (1-0) 10
Tough game to pick here. Tennessee just destroyed the Raiders last week while Pitt had a hard fought game that ended in OT against Atlanta. I think this is a Defensive game with Pitt coming out on top. The only question in this game to ask is, Will Chris Johnson's 100 yd. game streak come to an end. Pittsburgh's D will love to be the team to stop it and keep Barry Sanders record intact.

Miami (1-0) 9 at Minnesota (0-1) 24
Another tough one to pick even though I have Minney winning by a big margin. It's just that I love the Fins this season, but I don't see the Vikings falling into a 0-2 hole and they have the luxery of a a few extra days off and they are at home where the crowd will be loud.

Tampa Bay (1-0) 14 at Carolina (0-1) 28
Matt Moore what were you thinking last week with those horrible throws in the red zone? I think Carolina sticks to the run game in this one and control it from the start. I'm just hoping Josh Freeman does something, since he is my backup in Tiger's league behind Kolb.

Seattle (1-0) 10 at Denver (0-1) 17
Wow Seattle came to play last week against NFC west favorites San Fran. But a road game in Denver is going to be a test for the Seahawks. The Broncos almost came back last week. They also traded for L. Maroney from the Pats as an insurance policy in case Moreno goes down. I just like them at home in this game.

St. Louis (0-1) 7 at Oakland (0-1) 21
I have one thing to say to Bradford for this game- DO NOT THROW IN ASOMUGHA'S AREA. He is only the best cornerback in the game. Don't get me wrong, Revis Island is great but all this talk about him being the best there is in his position is crab. Last game Bradford looked good at some points, and in others he looked like the rookie he is. Looks like he has all the tools to be a good one in years to come. Oakland comes back from an embarrasment in Tennessee and shows the Black Hole faithful hope.

New England (1-0) 31 at New York Jets (0-1) 17
What an awful display of offense the Jets display on Monday night. This game is going to be a great one as is any game when you have two teams that hate each other. Jets need to rebound this week and I hope they do, but with the offense looking like that- they won't be able to keep up the Pats. 31 might be a little high against this D, but Belichick will love nothing more than to get a garbage TD at the end.

Jacksonville (1-0) 10 at San Diego (0-1) 28
San Diego wakes up and their offense starts to fly this week. Tough atmosphere they played in on Monday, a crazy crowd and rain to get with it. But they were still in it in the end to send the game into OT but just didn't capitalize.

Houston (1-0) 27 at Washington (1-0) 13
Didn't I tell you Houston is the real deal this season. I know I know its only one week, but to beat a team that always gets off to a fast start every season let alone a team that has beaten you 15 out of 16 times is a statement to be reckon with. They didn't just beat the Colts, they dominated them in the trenches. I think this is a tough match for #5 and the Skins, but I was very impressed with their D on Sunday against the Cowgirls. Thank god for that win or McNabb would've lost 3 straight games against them. I will like to thank my Birds for closing the gap for the Skins by trading Donovan to them. This is going to be a four team race in the NFC East this year.

New York Giants (1-0) 13 at Indianapolis (0-1) 34
Message for the Gmen, Peyton is pissed and he will throw at will against your Defense on Sunday night. Tough game for the Giants this week, especially being on the road. I just hope Peyton doesn't do much cause I'm going against him in fantasy, but how often to you see the Colts lose two in a row let alone start 0-2. By the end of Sunday night, all of the NFC East will be at 1-1. By the way I hate the Gmen, but it was nice to see Kenny Phillips back making some plays. Always liked him at the U and his season ending injury last season really hurt the Giants last year.

New Orleans (1-0) 28 at San Francisco (0-1) 24
When was the last time you thought if New Orleans scores 14 they can still win the game. I can't even remember when that happen. Good defensive game plan by Greg Williams against the Vikings. But also Vikings stopped giving the ball to ALL DAY and expected a 41 year old to carry them. Saints should've lost but when Brad Childress is the coach across from your sidelines, you have a shot. San Francisco, why even show up in Seattle if you are going to play like that. I think Singletary lights a fire on their asses this week and they play hard but fall short to Brees and Co.

So there you have it with my week 2 picks. See you next Friday. Remember to watch I Boardwalk Empire Sunday night on HBO. Giants fans DVR it.


  1. what do you mean you HATE the g-men....Isn't that a bit harsh??? Are you not related to any Big blue fans?????

  2. So last post you said you're a fantasy fanatic, yet not one mention of any fantasy predictions or insights on player production. What is up with that? I mean, there aren't many things in this world that I love to do more than to contest your fantasy knowledge.

    I suppose that's why i was never invited to the inagural season of your league. I know how much you hate losing to me.

    Now as for your predictions... fairly on point except for the CEI for the 41 year old and the eventual loss with Jackson taking over for the Vikes.