Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's been looong time

This is turning out to be an annual thing with me. So read this and wait to next year. Some things that has happen in this past year. Jen & I have moved out of Oakwood. Freaking punks wanted to jack up our rent $230 a month. We now live in Parsippany and the commute to work is fantastic. I also started up school again, attending Anthem Institute (used to be Chubb) for a computer networking degree. I'm four courses deep and doing great. We technically have a new cat although he is not allow inside. I named him Max, and he likes to hang out on our patio. And of course we feed him. Jen is amazing with cats, Jennifer Love Hewitt can talk to ghosts, well Jen can talk to cats. I'm convinced. Now to some topics.

What the hell is going on with this show. This show was awesome and now it just seems so far fetched to tie in some loose ends this final season. I've been greatly disappointed. So now the point is to keep this guy on the island or all hell will break loose. I think they are saving something up for Jack- I mean he has been non-existent this season other than the Lighthouse episode. My favorite character now is a robot, apparently has no feelings whatsoever. Come on Sayid wake up man. Only time will tell.

NCAA tourney
This Tournament has been amazing. A big disappointment for the Big East though, but at least West Virginia still has a shot. I had no Final Four teams pick correctly. Mine were Kansas, 'Cuse, Kentucky, and Baylor. Probably the greatest game so far was Xavior and Kansas St. The way both teams were shooting in the clutch was just insane. Obviously the biggest upset will have to go to Northern Iowa beating Kansas. Very well played game from the corn farmers of Iowa, they lead the entire game but for 40 something Seconds against a team that everyone thought was the best in the country. 'Cuse had a great season but faltered at the end, losing the final regular season game to Louisville and losing to their rival G'town in the Big East tourney. But all seemed right on the first weekend of the dance until they hit Butler. I hope Butler can pull the upset again against State. Speaking of State, it is amazing that Tom Izzo has been to the Final four 6 times in the past 12 seasons. Let's hope for a great Final Four this weekend.

As you all know I have been a McNabb supporter since day one. Loved the draft pick at the time. The guy has taken his team to the NFC championship 5 times, but only winning one and then losing that Super Bowl against the Patriots. I'm kinda torned here, cause we know the Eagles don't care what you have done in the past. If they think you are done then they'll cut you loose, i.e. Dawkins (huge disappoinment from the organization to let him go) and Westbrook. I will hate to see #5 go but I'm also interested to see Kolb. Everytime I think of McNabb going I can't help but think of John Elway. This guy lost 3 super bowls before winning back to back Super Bowls to end his career. Denver respected the hell out his guy, why can't Philly give McNabb the same respect. He is nothing but a class act, except those goofy dances that he does. I honestly believe that he can get the Eagles the Super Bowl. As the talks are now, it seems that he will end up in Oakland. That's like saying thanks Donovan for a great 10 years, we will like to thank you by sending you to the Sea Monster (Bill Simmons nickname for Al Davis). I'm just hoping that he stays and wins it all this year then we can go to Kolb.

that's it for now till next year.