Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week 15- Eagles-Giants

In honor of the Sports Guy, I will be doing a running diary of this "Game of the Year" for the NFC East. Unfortunately we have Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. But before we start let's get my Week 15 picks out of the way. San Diego, New Orleans, Carolina, Cleveland, Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Houston, Atlanta, Oakland, Pittsburgh, New England, Chicago.

Yuengling #1

1st Quarter

1:03 Kickoff- Giants receive the ball first and returned it to their own 30. Eagles will need to contain the rushing attack of the Jacobs and Bradshaw duo. Big game for Chaney to step up as Stewart Bradley is out.

1:05- 1st pass for Manning on 2nd and 18 and overthrew Manningham, who is surprisly playing with a hip point-flexer. And the Giants go 3 and out. Weird seeing Maclin back there returning the punt, Jackson's sprained foot is the reason though. I wouldn't be surprise if the game is tight later that you'll see DJax back there.

1:07- Vick takes the field and takes a hit from Grant and DJax drops the ball.

1:09- Awful play from Vick, the worst I've seen from him all year. Throwing on the run and across his body to throw an INT. Get the mistakes out now Vick. Eagles will need an 3 and out to avoid the FG try.

1:10- Awesome play from Fokou to sack Manning for an 18 yard loss after a Giants 1st down. And because of that Giants are force to punt 2 plays later. Defensive battle to start the game on both ends.

1:15- Eagles begin their 2nd drive. Need to move the ball to avoid the Field Position game.

1:16- My boy Shady McCoy first run of the game for a 20 yd gain. I expect him to have a huge game especially in the receiving end. Odd play there as Vick runs into the fullback but spins and at least gains 3.

1:17- Huge 3rd down play here Vick in the shotgun and pass deflected by the rookie. 1st punt for Rocca. And the returner fumbles and 3 Eagles had a chance to get it, but the Giants ended up with it.

1:21- That's what the Eagles have to do in this game. Stop the run, especially on 1st down. Giants to face another 3rd & long. Let's see if Manning makes a mistake here trying to go to Nicks. 1st down as Nicks does make the completion.

1:24- Wow, Nicks with an easy chance to put New York in scoring position drops the ball. Awesome catch by the Michigan alum for the 1st down. Giants are not getting anywhere with the run.

1:26- TD to Manningham, flag is on the play but I think it is illegal contact on Patterson. Giants 7-0.

1:34- Eagles punting again. The offense seems too tense here in the 1st quarter.

1:38- 1st good run by the Giants as Jacobs run for a 1st down.

1:39- Eagles need to stop them here on 3rd down, whereas last drive New York converted 3 of them.

1:41- Tapp deflects the ball and Mikell gets the INT. Eagles need to score here as they begin on the Giants 45. Vick runs for the 1st down and the same thing that happened last week is called for a penalty.

Yuengling #2

2nd quarter

1:45- Red zone offense has been an issue all season especially last time they played the Giants. Now they face a 3rd & 4. A stop here for the Giants I think the D will ride high in confidence throughout the game and Vick just got sacked. In come Akers. 7-3

1:51- Bradshaw getting a couple of nice runs here for the 1st down. Can't let them have the confidence going here.

1:53- Fox just put up the Time of Possession stat and the Giants have held the ball twice as long. This will keep there D fresh for the 2nd half. And Manning just completes another 3rd down to Nicks.

1:55- Michigan alum does it again, but this time with some nifty moves to make 14-3 Giants. This guy wasn't suppose to play.

2:00- Eagles need a long drive here, kill sometime have the Giants D out there for a bit. And to get a TD.

2:04- Not looking good here for the Birds. Vick gets sack by Tuck on 3rd down and Vick leaves the field limping.

2:08- Need a huge 3rd down stop here. Giants are just killing the Eagles on 3rd down. Can't let New York to score on this drive to end the half.

2:11- The turnover they needed and Patterson couldn't catch the ball for the int. And another 3rd down conversion as Manning throws a screen pass to Bradshaw.

2:21- Seeing Nate Allen go down sucks, holding his knee after it buckled after the play- doesn't look good. Hold them to a FG Birds. Bout time you stop them on 3rd down. 17-3 Giants. Need a nice return here as there is only 48 seconds left for the half with 2 timeouts remaining.

2:24- Huge turnover for the Giants right before half and they will have time for at least a couple of plays for a TD. Replay and I see it as a fumble. Let's hope I'm wrong.

Yuengling #3

2:27- It is counted as a fumble. One or two plays for the TD and as I'm writing that Manning to Nicks. 24-3 Giants.

2:31- Finally this half ends. Eagles need to come out firing next half as they are down 3 TDs. Defense needs to step up on 3rd downs.

2:45- 2nd half begins and the Birds will need to come out and get a TD. Otherwise I'm counting this game as loss. Game is over as Vick is sacked again on 3rd down.

2:51- Giants run game is stuff on 3rd down. Finally a stop for the defense. Let's go birds.

2:59- Shady getting some yardage here on this drive. Eagles need a TD to stay alive in this game.

3:00- I say this is 2 down territory. No need to grab the 15 yards all at once. Take what you can get and let's go for it on 4th down. And we go for it all and now we are punting.

3:05- Was he out of bounds? This is how we come back. It's a fumble to me. Now comes the onslaught for the Birds. Get the TD guys.

3:08- Aikman makes a great remark about this being 4 down territory. TD to Maclin. It's about time. Let's get a 3 and out D. 24-10.

3:17- All day for Manning but everyone is covered and causes a 3rd down and 10. Let get the stop here boys. Good tackle from Asante as the Giants come 1 yd. short. Eagles are still in this if they can get a TD on this drive.

3:19- DJax's first catch of the game.

4th quarter

3:23- And we begin with a false start the quarter to cause a 2nd & 13.

3:25- What a play from Thomas. That was a TD to Maclin. Great play and now the game is officially over for the Eagles.

3:30- I just love how Trent Cole gets held every single play and somehow never gets called. Giants punt here with 13 min. remaining in the game. Need a quick strike to Djax here.

3:34- Wow just wow. Andy what's to lose with a challenge at this point in the game. It's decisions like these that makes me wonder. I just can't believe that. But again Jackson- HOLD ONTO THE BALL.

3:38- Just received the text of the year from my boy Kyle after the TD to Boss- "I'm just glad my child isn't here yet to suffer through this." I am disgusted right now.

3:48- Where was this all game. after a Giants TD to Boss, Eagles came right back to make it 31-17. And a beautiful onside kick by the Birds.

3:50- Vick with just a beautiful escape and runs it inside the 10. Eagles making noise now here in the 4th.

3:54- The Eagles just pulled me back in as Vick runs in to make it 31-24. Doubt an onside kick will happen here. The D will need a 3 and out to avoid using any timeouts.

3:59- Game coming down to a 3rd down and 1 inside Eagles territory. Need the big stop here. Manning in shotgun and then pitches it to Bradshaw to make the 1st down.

4:04- 3 min. left, Eagles get the stop they needed. and will need to 88 yds to score.

I stopped because the excitement was just too crazy and I couldn't handle typing and running around like a jackass when Maclin tied the game. Unbelievable finish for the Birds in their first game in the new stadium. They are calling it "The Miracle at New Meadowlands". Honestly though the Giants D relaxed after the Boss TD that made it 31-10 game with 8 min. left. Because of that Vick just took over. I had no idea what they were thinking on the onside play. Special teams failed this game for the Giants. As the Eagles magic number to clinch the division is 1. Let's hope the Bears falter tonight and then the Eagles will control their own destiny for the #2 seed.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NFL Week 14

Indianapolis (6-6) 28 @ Tennessee (5-7) 13
When was the last time anyone said this is a must win game for the Colts to even think about the playoffs this late into the season? Playoffs? I can hear Jim Mora now. They only way they get in is to win the division (same goes for San Diego). No one is catching up to the Ravens and Jets in the wilcard. Manning obviously has been bothered by not having his safety net Dallas Clark in. Since his season ending injury (6 games) Manning has thrown 13 picks (11 in his last four alone). Clark is such an essential part for that offense and it shows. They are 2-4 since he went out. Tennessee is winless since the Moss trade. Chris Johnson has been non existent. I remember thinking that the Moss trade would've open thing up even more for Johnson. I'm going with Manning over Collins in this one.

Cleveland (5-7) 13 @ Buffalo (2-10) 6
Tough pick of the week. Cleveland's D played one hell of a game last week in Miami. Picking off Henne 3 times. Buffalo got innihilated in Minnesota. Jake Delhoumme starts for the Browns and is awful. This is going to be a battle between Fred Jackson and Peyton Hillis. Whoever holds onto the ball wins this one.

Cincinnati (2-10) 17 @ Pittsburgh (9-3) 27
What a play for the Polomalu last week to change the course of the game in Maryland last week to control the division lead with 4 left to play. The Bengals always play the Steelers tough. The Steelers dominated the last game but then let the Bengals make a game out of it in the 4th.

Green Bay (8-4) 34 @ Detroit (2-10) 24
This is a huge game for the Pack as they are on the outside looking in for the playoffs. Their schedule doesn't get any easier than this game here. The next 3 games for them are @NE, NYG, CHI. Detroit will love nothing more than to play spoiler here.

New York Giants (8-4) 24 @ Minnesota (5-7) 17
There are two teams no one wants to face right now and the NFC East leaders are facing both of them. The Giants visit the Vikings who are 2-0 under couch Frazier. Favre was injured last game and no surprise that he was intercepted on the play. Jackson came in and the Vikes exploded for 38 points on the Bills, and Tavaris even threw 3 picks. Will the streak finally come to an end for Favre? Even if he does start, he'll get knocked out anyway. The Giant's D has been playing well lately. Their rookie Jason Pierre-Paul has been playing out of his mind lately with 2 sacks in each of his last two games. Along with many QB pressures and hurries.

Tampa Bay (7-5) 24 @ Washington (5-7) 16
Tampa Bay 7-0 against teams under .500 and 0-5 against winning teams. The Skins' I think will win this game, but I'm still going with the safe bet here and picking the Buccaneers.

Atlanta (10-2) 31 @ Carolina (1-11) 10
The only way the Falcons lose this game is if they go in overconfident. Which is a possiblity but I don't see it.

Oakland (6-6) 17 @ Jacksonville (7-5) 20
The Colts become the biggest Raider fans this week as they hope for a Jaguer loss here before their battle for 1st place next week in Indianapolis. If the Raiders do win I believe they will be 1 game back from the division lead in the AFC west. But usually when the Raiders play an awesome game they throw a stinker in the next.

Seattle (6-6) 24 @ San Francisco (4-8) 27
A must win game for the Niners and with a Rams loss this week also, they will only be 1 game back for this disiaster of a division. I'm still sticking with them to win it.

St. Louis (6-6) 13 @ New Orleans (9-3) 31
Saints need to win here to keep up with their division foe the Falcons.

Miami (6-6) 13 @ New York Jets (9-3) 17
What an ugly display of football last week by both these teams. Henne throwing the game away with an INT inside the 20 of his own zone with 54 seconds to set up the GW field goal for the Browns. The Jets with all their brash talk didn't even show up in New England. They are going to be in pissed off mood when they take the field against the 'Fins.

Denver (3-9) 17 @ Arizona (3-9) 6
Arizona has given up this season. Denver still plays hard.

Kansas City (8-4) 6 @ San Diego (6-6) 28
Brodie Croyle is 0-9 as a starter and this is a must win for the Superchargers.

New England (10-2) 17 @ Chicago (9-3) 13
Game of the Week. It's going to be an interesting matchup here in the snow with Tom Brady against this Defense. We all know Brady loves playing in the snow and seems to play his best in the powder.

Philadelpha (8-4) 37 @ Dallas (4-8) 27
Doesn't matter that this is a lost season for the Cowboys. The Birds are still fuming over last year and will need a win here to keep their bye hopes alive.

Baltimore (8-4) 24 @ Houston (5-7) 17
This is a must win for the Texans but I think a pissed off Raven team is too much.

Last week: 12-4

Season: 127-65

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NFL Week 13 Picks

Houston (5-6) 27 @ Philadelphia (7-4) 38
The AFC South is becoming the most interesting division this year. Houston avoided from being in last place last week by shutting out Tennessee, but both teams are only out of it by 1 game. While the Jags and Colts sit atop with a 6-5 record. As for Philadelphia they lost their 1 game lead to the Giants, as the Jags didn't do them any favors against them last week. Tough defeat to take last week against the Bears. But what kept the Giants in the game 2 weeks ago is what doomed the Birds last week. They need to score Touchdowns when they get into the Red Zone, something the Bears did in their victory. Asante Samuel should be back for this Thursday nighter, and oh boy do the Eagles need him as Andre Johnson comes to town. I gotta say that was the best football fight I have ever seen. If Andre wasn't a football player, he would have been a damn good boxer. This game is going to be a dog fight because you can say that this is a must win for both teams. With one of the league's worst Defenses, expect huge numbers from the Eagles. The only problem is that Houston can answer right back.

Washington (5-6) 13 @ New York Giants (7-4) 17
Can McNabb do the Eagles a favor and please beat the GMen in this NFC East battle. The Giants hung in the all game last week with the Jags and were able to come out on top. Washington will be out of the division race with a loss here, so don't sleep on them this week. Both teams are hurting, which will make this a very interesting matchup.

Denver (3-8) 24 @ Kansas City (7-4) 31
You think Haley had this date circled after the 49-29 whooping in Denver a couple of weeks ago. Bowe has just been unbelievable this past month, will it continue in December?

Jacksonville (6-5) 24 @ Tennessee (5-6) 13
You know if Houston wins Thursday night and the Tennessee and Dallas win on Sunday- this all division will be tied at 6-6 with 4 weeks to play. It appears that Penn State alum, Kerry Collins, is back and will at least have the Titans score- unlike last week. Jacksonville's Garrard has either been hot or cold this season. Nothing in the middle for him. Tennessee is 0-3 since the "no risk" Randy Moss trade. Do you still think this is "No Risk" Mr. Fischer? Jacksonville looked lifeless in their Monday Night game at home against the Titans earlier in the season. But I see the Jags coming back from that in this one.

San Francisco (4-7) 10 @ Green Bay (7-4) 24
Green Bay has been losing close games all season. All 4 have been by 3 points and two of those games went into OT. San Francisco kept their NFC West title chances alive with their dominating performance in Arizona. Unfortunately they lost Gore for the season (bad for the Heines as the playoffs start next week in fantasy), but they do have my main man outside of Philly Brian Westbrook. Boy did he looked good on Monday filling in for Gore. Green Bay should be able to handle the Niners in this one.

Cleveland (4-7) 17 @ Miami (6-5) 20
Chad Henne surprised me last week by playing in Oakland and also performing well. Now they get to face a team no one wants to face in the Browns. The highlight of the week last week comes courtesy of Peyton Hillis, just straight TRUCKED Godfrey (I wonder if Hillis will get fined for that hit). I like the Browns in this one, but with the 'Fins home I'm going with them.

Buffalo (2-9) 13 @ Minnesota (4-7) 20
Tough break for the Bills last week in Buffalo. The game was in Stevie Johnson's hands and it slipped away. Minnesota won Leslie Frazier's first game as coach in Washington last week. He actually did what a good coach will do and that is to USE Adrian Peterson till he gets hurt, which unfortunately he did and might be out in this contest. They do have a promising rookie in Gerheart though who will carry the load if Peterson is unfit. Either way I see the Vikings winning this one.

Chicago (8-3) 27 @ Detroit (2-9) 17
That was a huge victory for the Bears last week, as the Falcons did them the favor of beating their nemesis to gain complete control of the NFC North. And it also puts the Eagles 2 games back on them for the bye (even though it is really 1 game, the Bears hold the tiebreaker) with 5 left to play. Detroit will be going with Drew Stanton as their QB this week which tells me all I need to know about this game.

New Orleans (8-3) 31 @ Cincinnati (2-9) 16
The Saints got lucky last week as Roy Williams gave them the game. Don't be surprise if the Bengals win this one.

Oakland (5-6) 10 @ San Diego (6-5) 31
This is a must win for the Raiders to keep their playoff hopes alive, but this is a tall task as the Chargers are the hottest team in the league right now. They just man handled Manning last week in Indianapolis. They are 4-1 in their last 5 games against the Colts but I decided to go with a pissed off primetime Manning instead of the Charger dominance of the Colts last week. Oakland appears to be in a free fall and will need to get out of it fast. They will need game changing turnovers in this one just as they had in their previous matchup to win.

Carolina (1-10) 10 @ Seattle (5-6) 20
Speaking of free falls, Seattle has lost 4 of their last 5 (the one victory being the lowly Cardinals). Carolina has been lost all season and with the Qwest field crowd knowing the 'Hawks need victory will be going nuts in this uneventful game. Taking the 12th man in this one.

Atlanta (9-2) 27 @ Tampa Bay (7-4) 24
Tampa hung in there with Atlanta last time they played. They actually had the ball for a Game wining drive but an interception by Freeman sealed the win for the Falcons. Atlanta will look for a win to keep the Saints in their rear view mirror. Not a must win for the Dirty Birds, but you can say that this is must for the Buccaneers. A victory here and then we can take the Bucs seriously the rest of the way. Another defeat will just say that they are the best inferior team in the NFL.

St. Louis (5-6) 34 @ Arizona (3-7) 13 Need I say more.

Dallas (3-8) 17 @ Indianapolis (6-5) 28
This is the tough pick of the week. Can the Colts possibly loss 3 in a row? Can Dallas rebound from a game they should have won? Manning has been looking less than human these past couple of weeks, but I just can't see him losing 3 in row.

Pittsburgh (8-3) 20 @ Baltimore (8-3) 17
Game of the Week #2. How many fines will be handed out after this game? The Ravens got a lil lucky last time they played. The Steelers got lucky last week. Big Ben is playing hurt with a sprained foot, but will be playing. The Ravens got a scare last week with Oher going down, but he practice in full yesterday. As for their fullback Maclain, I don't see him playing but don't count him out just yet. I'm rolling with the guy who is 5-0 against the Ravens in his last 5 starts. What's crazy about this game along with the Jets and Patriots, the winner will likely get the the all important bye while the loser will most likely enter the playoffs as #5 or #6 seed.

New York Jets (9-2) 24 @ New England (9-2) 21
Game of the Week #1. These two teams hate each other, which makes for great football. The Patriots will look to continue and break the NFL record for Tom Brady with the longest regular season winning streak by a NFL QB. Brady is tied with Favre right now with 25 straight. The Jets have a 8 road game winning streak going for them. One of them will break. I'm going with the local team and picking the J-E-T-S to have them control their own destiny for the #1 seed in the AFC.

Last Week: 12-4

Season: 115-61