Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NFL Week 8

Washington (4-3) 23 @ Detroit (1-5) 30
I hope the 'Skins, or maybe just DeAngelo Hall, got Cutler something real nice this past week for giving them the game. The Lions are coming off their bye and have their starting QB coming back, who has been out since Week 1. DeAngelo will have his hands full covering Calvin Johnson this week. I see the Lions coming out with a victory this week.

Jacksonville 20 (3-4) @ Dallas (1-5) 27
As if the Cowboys season couldn't get any worse it does as Tony Romo received a punishing drive to the turf courtesy of Michael Boley. Their defense looks lost as the Gmen racked up 497 yards. Jacksonville's defense is also looking lost giving up 65 points in the past two games. It is always a fun game to watch when two teams are in a free fall. I don't see Dallas losing this game even with Kitna at QB.

Miami (3-3) 24 @ Cincinnati (2-4) 20
Wow did the Fins get robbed or what last week. Just crazy what happened there in the 4th quarter. This is a must win for the Bengals to keep there season alive. They made a nice comeback last week in Atlanta but fell short. The Fins played the Steelers tough but lost mainly because they couldn't get the ball in the endzone and settled for FGs.

Buffalo (0-6) 27 @ Kansas City (4-2) 34
KC has been a nice surprise this season. Buffalo has been playing a lot better with Fitzpatrick as QB. They came oh so close beating the Ravens last week. With Dwayne Bowe finally catching the ball the KC offense looks dangerous now.

Carolina (1-5) 20 @ St. Louis (3-4) 17
Johnathan Stewart gets the starting role in this game as DeAngelo Williams is out with a foot injury. Stewart has performed well, averaging 150 yards per game, in his 3 starts. St. Louis is coming off a tough loss in Tampa Bay. I think the Panthers come out with a victory here as last week's victory is a confidence builder and will continue.

Green Bay (4-3) 24 @ New York Jets (5-1) 31
You think the Jets are getting tired of hearing the the Steelers are the best team in football. New York is coming off their bye and Green Bay is coming in with 6 days rest as they had to eek out a victory against the Vikings on Monday night. I'm going with the team with 2 weeks off.

Denver (2-5) 14 @ San Francisco (1-6) 24 {Game being played in England}
I don't think it's fair that the Niners have to give up a home game, even though they will probably make more money in Wembley than at Candlestick. The Niners are coming off a brutal loss against the Panthers last week, but not as brutal as the Broncos loss last week. 59 points given up to an Oakland Raider team (a record by the way for the Raiders). That is just inexcusable and I don't see how you can rebound from a loss like that.

Tennessee (5-2) 24 @ San Diego (2-5) 28
Tennessee's Kenny Britt just put a one man wrecking crew show against the Eagles in the 4th quarter last week. San Diego almost made a nice comeback but missed a 50 yard FG by hitting the post. How happy is LT for the Chargers not wanting him now. The Titans are playing well as anyone right now as the Chargers are just giving games away. 2 horrific turnovers against a Patriot team is not going to win games. The Chargers should get a boost with Vincent Jackson coming back, but I don't know when he will be ready for games.

Tampa Bay (4-2) 17 @ Arizona (3-3) 13
I gotta say, I love the confidence Irvington native Maurice Morris gives his team. This past week he stated the the Bucs are the best team in the NFC. Though I highly disagree with that, but you have to love faith he has in his players to say something like that. I'm liking Josh Freeman, beautiful drive last week to end the game against the Rams. The Cards are in trouble and will continue to be.

Minnesota (2-4) 17 @ New England (5-1) 34
Brett Favre to start but probably won't finish. Please all this just to keep the streak going, are you kidding me. I believe Jackson gives the Vikings the best chance to win here, but as long as Brett is under center and tossing balls to the other team the Vikings are going anywhere with that talent. New England just amaze me on how fundamentally sound they are as a football team.

Seattle (4-2) 13 @ Oakland (3-4) 24
The Seahawks being at 4-2 surprises the hell out of me. Will Oakland continue where they left off last week. It's Halloween and I'm going with the crowd that always dresses up as if it is Halloween every Sunday. The Hawks will get eaten up in the Black Hole.

Pittsburgh (5-1) 27 @ New Orleans (4-3) 16
This is a tricky game to pick. The Saints are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Browns last week. While the Steelers are coming off a victory against the Fins. Drew Brees will not throw 4 Ints in this game and will play a lot better than last week. But I don't think the Saints D can stop the Steelers whereas the Steel Curtain can hold the Saints to FGs and not TDs.

Houston (4-2) 28 @ Indianapolis (4-2) 31
One thing I hope in this game is that the Texans hurt a bruised the Colts up, since the Colts are coming to Philly next Sunday. Who will stay close to the Titans after this one? One theory I have is to never bet against Peyton Manning in primetime and that is the reason why I'm picking the Colts.


Atlanta- Will they get a boost this week from a New Orleans lost?

Chicago- A week where Cutler doesn't get sack.

Cleveland- Do they really want this week off after a victory like that?

New York Giants- Will they continue the hot hand when they get back to work?

Philadelphia- Need the 2 weeks off, just to prepare for Peyton Manning next week.

Baltimore- Will they get a boost this week from a Steeler lost?

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