Thursday, November 4, 2010

NFL Week 9 Picks

Tampa Bay (5-2) 17 @ Atlanta (5-2) 28
Who would've thought that this game will be a battle for the division lead this late in the season. Atlanta is coming off the bye, whereas Tampa is coming off another exciting finish. Josh Freeman has 6 (out of 8 wins) comeback victories in his short career of 16 games. That's a pretty amazing stat that shows how mentally tough of a kid he is. The highlight of the week comes from the courtesy of rookie LeGarrate Blount. If that name sounds familiar it's because he is the Oregon Duck who got suspended for sucker punching a Boise State player in the face after the game. Matt Ryan has a near perfect record at home of 16-1. Hotlanta fans definitely get their money's worth with him under center. Because of that record I'm picking Atlanta to win here and ground the Bucs back to Earth.

Chicago (4-3) 10 @ Buffalo (0-7) 13 {Game being played in Toronto}
The Bills have been fighting to the end in the past couple weeks. Played 5 quarters in KC last week and another OT game in Baltimore 2 weeks ago. Are they going to be gassed out? Meanwhile the Bears are coming off a much needed bye. Hopefully Martz has come up with something to protect Cutler and to get Forte the ball more. I would definitely pick the Bills if this game was being played in their own confides of Ralph Wilson Stadium with confidence. But I am unsure of how this one is going to played out in Toronto. In the end, I think the Bills get their first victory of the season by putting pressure on Cutler and forcing him to make mistakes.

New England (6-1) 38 @ Cleveland (2-5) 17
The Master and Apprentice at it again. I think the bye came to Cleveland when they didn't want it. They were on fire against the Saints the other week and I loved the fake punt call. That tells your team we are here to win this game. New England is a different story and Tom Brady won't throw 4 Ints like Brees did in that game.

New York Jets (5-2) 27 @ Detroit (2-5) 17
The Jets offense was just horrible last week against the Pack. And that 4th and 18 fake punt call- I gotta say I love the guts and trust in the D to do that. For a second I thought Weatherford got to the first down marker, but unfortunately the Packers challenge and the his foot went out of bounds inches away for the 1st down. Megatron, Calvin Johnson, just ripped it up last week against the 'Skins with a bum shoulder. 9 catches for 101 yds and 3tds. This week will be a lot tougher for him as Revis Island is healthy and mix that with a bum shoulder, he just might be contain this week.

New Orleans (5-3) 31 @ Carolina (1-6) 13
Are they Saints finally over their Super Bowl hangover? A nice win against the Steelers on Halloween night, as the New Orleans crowd set a Guinness Book of Record with the most people in one building in costume. I thought Carolina was going to win last week in St. Louis to ride the confidence wave from their victory against the 'Niners. They are just a bad team and the Saints will handle them as they will ride the confidence the wave for a while as their schedule is cake after their bye. Seattle, @ Dallas (on Thanksgiving), @ Cincy, St. Louis. I don't see them losing any of these games, but then again I didn't think they would've lost to the Browns.

Miami (4-3) 22 @ Baltimore (5-2) 24
Nice bye for Baltimore as the Steeler loss put them back into first place in their division. Miami is 4-0 on the road and 0-3 at home. This will be a tough road game for the Fins, but they can still pull it out. This is more of a must win for the Fins- for them to keep pace with Jets and Pats. They will come out a fighting, but the Ravens always welcome one- especially in their house.

San Diego (3-5) 31 @ Houston (4-3) 38
Two of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (along with the Seahawks) teams in the NFL face off each other. You just don't know which team will show up with these two. This game should light up the scoreboard, and I have the feeling of whoever has the ball last is going to win this one.

Arizona (3-4) 17 @ Minnesota (2-5) 21
Way to waste a 3rd round draft pick Vikings. Pats fans are in glee right now as they rob another draft pick. Word is Moss ranted about a Mom & Pop restaurant and the team was embarrass by his actions, thus being the main reason for waiving him. You think Wisenhunt regrets letting go of Leinhert? How much worse can he be than Derek Anderson and Max Hall? I also wonder if the Vikings will have a better record with Jackson under center this year. And where has Mullet Head Jared Allen been all season? Minnesota is a mess right now, but so is 'Zona. I just think the Vikings are to talented of a team to lose to the Cardinals at home.

New York Giants (5-2) 17 @ Seattle (4-3) 6
11 is the number of false starts the Gmen had during their last trip to Seattle. 4-6 is their week after the bye record in the past 1o years. 1981 is the last time the Giants actually won a game in Seattle. Take into account the fact the Seahawks were an AFC West team and these two hardly played in the 80s and early 90s. The 'Hawks are undefeated at home this year. Can the 12th man be an effect to the opposing team here. Giving the fact that when the words Super Bowl and Giants get into the same sentence during the season they tend to fall. I think the front seven causes havoc on Hasselbeck and the Giants get their first victory in Seattle in nearly 30 years. If Seattle has any chance in this one it will be because of Special Teams. Charlie Whitehurst getting the starting nod due to a concussion Hasslbeck sustain last week in Oakland. The front 7 will really have a field day now.

Indianapolis (5-2) 24 @ Philadelphia (4-3) 28
11-0 is the record for Andy Reid coming back after a bye. Unfortunately he doesn't have a perfect record given 2 weeks to prepare, as he lost the biggest game of them all in the '04 Super Bowl. 2 weeks is exactly what the Birds need to prepare for Peyton Manning. The Colts just man handled their division foes on Monday night. Meanwhile Michael Vick takes back the starting job for the Eagles. He stated earlier this week that he will have to run smarter. How will this reflect his game? DeSean Jackson has been practicing the past two days and was cleared from the 3rd party neurologist. So I'm thinking he is in, but will not return punts and probably won't be going over the middle of the field that often. Reid's after the bye record stays perfect in this one.

Kansas City (5-2) 24 @ Oakland (4-4) 31
The game of the week, as the two rushing powerhouses face off. Can Oakland close the gap on the Chiefs or is Kansas City going to widen it a little bit more. Whoever stops the run is going to be the victor in this game. Oakland has surpassed the 500 yd mark in each of its past two games for the first time in history. KC played a hard fought game against Buffalo that took a FG to win it as time expired in OT. I'm riding the hot hand in this one and picking Da Raiders to inch closer to the division lead.

Dallas (1-6) 20 @ Green Bay (5-3) 41
Roy Williams has to have the quote of the week. "We can go nine in a row, if you ask me. People can call me stupid or whatever, but this football team has the core of players, it has the supporting cast of players to win nine in row. We just got to get it started just for other players to be like, 'All right, we got it now.' It would be a great storybook ending. It would be awesome. I don't know if they'd put us in the Hall of Fame for that if this [team] was going to go on and win the Super Bowl, but it's a tough feat to cross. But if there is any team in the league that can do it, it's the Dallas Cowboys." How delusional is he. This team is playing with no heart, no spark, and worst of all no intelligence. By this quote Green Bay should watch out because the Cowboys are going to finally start their season. The Packers won a gut it out win in the Meadowlands against Gang Green. I think the offense is itching to find the end zone in this one and what better way to show how good of an offense they are then on Sunday Night Football.

Pittsburgh (5-2) 17 @ Cincinnati (2-5) 10
A must win for the Bengals in this one. Looked like the Steelers were going to pull that one out last Sunday but then Heath Miller fumbles the ball. Just a tough break, but hey that's football- sometimes the ball just bounces the other way. Cincinnati did a good job keeping the 'Fins out of the end zone, but were shut down in the 2nd half. I don't see the Steelers losing 2 in a row, especially in back to back national televise games.


Denver (2-6)- Denver is just hoping that this is just the opposite of last season. Meaning they will end with a 6 game winning streak instead of starting out with one.

Tennessee (5-3)- Just sitting back and relaxing this week becoming Eagles fans for the week. Oh and gives Moss an extra week to get used his 3rd playbook this season.

St. Louis (4-4)- One of the bright surprises this year. Can they come back and win the Wild Weak West. It's possible.

San Francisco (2-6)- Both the Rams and Niners will be New York football Giant fans this week. Now with baseball over, the Niners better improve their play as all eyes are on them in San Fran.

Washington (4-4)- I still can't grasp the idea of putting in Rex in that situation. Now the question is Where will McNabb be under center next year? My bet is Arizona.

Jacksonville (4-4)- Garrard saved his job with that performance in Dallas.

Last Week: 9-4

Season: 72-45

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