Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 6 Pick

Last week is a distant memory. That was a god awful performance pick wise. Hopefully can rebound this week, as I fell off the overall leader in my office pool. Now I am 3 back, hope to gain some ground this week.

Seattle (2-2) 13 @ Chicago (4-1) 27
I picked Carolina last week because of Todd Collins and I sat Forte in my fantasy because I thought the Panther D only needed to concentrate on the running game. Well, I lost on both fronts. Cutler should be coming back for this game and Seattle is coming back from a bye. But playing in Chicago is a tough spot for a west team to play in. The Bears still won the game despite throwing 4 Ints and if that happens again this week they can still win the game. That is how much faith I have for the Seahawks.

Miami (2-2) 17 @ Green Bay (3-2) 13
A crushing defeat for the Pack last week. Not only did they lose a 10 point lead in the 4th, they possibly lost Rodgers for this game. Even with Rodgers in, I think the Fins can pull this one off. Injuries are piling up in Green Bay. The O-line is a mess and the injuries on defense seems to be multiplying by 3 everyday. Miami had a week to fix their problems, especially special teams. Interesting matchup between Woodson and Marshall in this one. I think the Dolphins will pound the ball with their 1-2 punch of Brown and Williams to keep the Packers offense off the field and to keep the mistakes minimal for Henne.

San Diego (2-3) 31 @ St. Louis (2-3)10
Interesting stat here- the Chargers are #1 in Offense and #2 in Defense (both in yds. per game) but are only 2-3. How the hell does that happen. Special teams are horrendous in San Diego. 3 weeks ago Leon Washington returned two Kickoffs and last week 2 punts were blocked for scores (a safety and a TD). Throw in the costly turnovers and the other team doesn't really have to move the ball that much to have a score. Feel bad for Mark Clayton who went down for the season with a knee injury. Him and Bradford had a nice Oklahoma connection there. Danny Amendola is the biggest beneficiary for fantasy. With the lost to Detroit shows just how much growing the Rams need to be a factor in the NFL. Steve Spags is doing one heck of job there and I say another 2 years and the Rams are an above .500 team.

Baltimore (4-1) 24 @ New England (2-2) 17
The Game of the week. The Patriots get to face the team who just dominated them last year in the playoffs. The Pats traded away their deep threat last week and added an old friend this week. I think the Ravens are too much to handle for the Pats in this one. But New England will not get blown out like last season. It is going to be interesting for the Pats without the deep threat of Randy Moss. Wes Welker now grabs the full attention of opponents.

New Orleans (3-2) 24 @ Tampa Bay (3-1) 14
One of the most interesting matchups here. We have been waiting for the Saints to wake up from their superbowl hangover and also for the Bucs to fall flat. Saints just lost to an undrafted QB's first NFL start, even though a passing nor rushing TD was scored for the Cardinals. The Bucs are coming back from a never say die attitude game in Cincy, thanks to Carson Palmer. I'm tempted to pick the Buccaneers in this one because it's a feel good story of a young team performing above expectations. The Saints though can't lose this game and be in an 2 game hole in their own division. I think they rebound in a tight one here.

Detroit (1-4) 17 @ New York Giants (3-2) 34
The Gmen just dominated the upstart Texans and caused the all AFC south to be tied at 3-2. Hakeem Nicks is balling right now as is the Defense who are ranked #1 in passing D. The Lions coming off their first win of the season come into the swamps of New Jersey to face a team that is riding hot right now. Stafford is on the verge of coming back, but I think it will be wise to sit him out against this pass rush. As long as Manning doesn't throw picks and Bradshaw holds onto the ball, the Gmen win in a landslide.

Atlanta (4-1) 20 @ Philadelphia (3-2) 13
The NFC game of the week. The Dirty Birds vs. the Birds in the city of brotherly love. Eagles are hurting right now with some key injuries, but the backups have been a pleasant surprise. Jason Peters is out and Dunlap will replace him at Left Tackle, which has Abraham drooling at the mouth as Dunlap gave up 3 sacks last Sunday night in San Francisco. I know Vick really wants to be out there to face his former team, but I think he will be out at least one more week. Though I think it will be wise to sit him out next week against the Titans before the bye week just to give him a full month of recovery. The Eagles get Samuel back after a week off which should help with a receiver like Roddy White on the other side. Philly surprise me last week with the containment of Gore, but I do not see that happening this week with Michal Turner. I hate to do it but I think the Falcons are too much for the Eagles in this one.

Cleveland (1-4) 6 @ Pittsburgh (3-1) 33
Nice game for the Big Ben return. Gets to get some of that rust off against the Browns. Word around the campfire is that Mangini is about to put in rookie Colt McCoy in because of ankle injures to Wallace and Delhomme. Now that's a welcome to the NFL kid- go ahead and face the Steel Curtain. Don't forget that Cribbs was a QB in college so you might see him under center for a number of plays also. Mike Wallace will love the return of Big Ben because it'll buy him more time to get down the field. Steelers in a laugher in Pittsburgh.

Kansas City (3-1) 17 @ Houston (3-2) 27
I think we can start taking the Cheifs a little more seriously as they were in a dogfight in Indianapolis last week. Defense is playing as well as anybody now, but the offense is lacking a spark from the QB. They will be going up against the worst pass defense in the league, so if it doesn't happen here it won't happen for Cassell at all this season. Houston is coming off a defeat that they will like to get out of their minds. Fantasy sleeper of the week is in this game and he goes by the name of Dexter McCluster. I think Cassell has to be losing faith in Bowe because of the many dropped balls that he had last week. Expect him to look for Dexter alot more against the Texans here.

Oakland (2-3) 16 @ San Francisco (0-5) 24
The Battle of the Bay. York claiming that his team will still win the NFC West, and why not I still do myself. But if they lose this game against Da Raiders, I will have to start rethinking of another West team to make the playoffs. This is a must win for the Niners, not so much for Oakland. I think San Fran comes out hungrier and wins in a close one.

NY Jets (4-1) 23 @ Denver (2-3) 13
Does not get any easier for the Broncos. At least they will not play against Revis in this one I think. Jets should come in and control the tempo of this game. They will control the ball with the running game to keep the #1 passing offense off the field. There is a possibility of Moreno to be out for the 3rd straight week, but did practice today which is a good sign. The Broncos will not have a shot to win this game without him.

Dallas (1-3) 28 @ Minnesota (1-3) 31
Way to get people off the topic of the sexting Brett- talk about how your streak is in danger because of your elbow. He is not fooling me and he will play. He showed some life in that 2nd half on Monday night and surpassed the unfathomable numbers of 500 TD passes and also 70,000 yards. He also broke another record that night surpassing the great Warren Moon in fumbles. Dallas was also sluggish in the beginning against the Titans and woke up right before half. That was an awesome play from Miles Austin last week. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X5KEMzlMC8. Both teams need a win here so this is going to be a dogfight. Wouldn't it be funny if this game ended in a tie? The Vikings need to stick with AP for the all game to keep Romo off the field and to avoid a costly Favre turnover. Moss loves playing against the Cowboys because he felt Jerry Jones snubbed him by not drafting him.

Indianapolis (3-2) 34 @ Washington (3-2) 21
Never bet against Manning in primetime. What a great win from the Redskins last week and even a better catch by Armstrong. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xdw3Kx2c5iw. I think the Colts are just to much for the 'Skins to handle.

Tennessee (3-2) 30 @ Jacksonville (3-2) 17
The winner of this one will at least be in a tie for first and the loser will be in last place in the AFC South. Great time to have this game on Monday Night Football.


Buffalo-could possibly on the verge of a 0-16 season.

Cincinnati- a much needed rest for the Bengals. Gives an extra week for Palmer to think about the game he gave away to Tampa.

Arizona- An extra week gives Hall some extra reps with the ones.

Carolina- could also be on the verge of a 0-16 season.

Last Week: 5-9

Season: 46-30

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  1. looks like your boys pull out another one. I think they fall in Week 7 28-20, as Britt and CJ burn your secondary.