Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NFL Week 7

Douchebag of the week is Jerome Harrison. Mulling retirement because the NFL wised up and threatened players larger fines and even suspensions for vicious hits. Are you kidding me, you do not have to change the way you play fool- just be conscious of the penalty. I love a good hit as anyone out there. I understand that football is a gladiator sport. What the NFL finally recognized is that these missile leading with the helmet hits have to stop. Players in the lower levels (college, high school i.e.) try to emulate their heroes in the NFL. Unfortunately this past weekend Eric LeGrand of Rutgers became paralyzed from the neck down. The 72 hour window of hope has come and gone and my prayers go out to him and his family and also my hopes are there for him to walk again. This is what the league is trying to avoid and by doing so, it will trickle down to the lower levels of play and ultimately cut down head and nerve injuries. It is nice to see the NFL finally taking a stand here understanding their responsibility not only to their players but for all football players. They should also use better equipped helmets, that onus is on the NFL still. On to Week 7 picks.

Cincinnati (2-3) 17 @ Atlanta (4-2) 31
The Bengals go down to the Chocolate City after a bye week to face a Falcon team that just got embarrassed in Philadelphia. I have been waiting for two things to happen this season- The Bengals offense to wake up and for Turner to have that 3TD monster game (I thought that was going to happen last week, but being down 21-0 real quick makes a team become more one-dimensional). Palmer comes back after a horrible, less then 5 minutes left to go in the game, performance as he gift wrapped the game for Tampa Bay. I think Atlanta bounces back at home and goes to 5-2 while the Bengals dig themselves a deep hole looking up at the Ravens and Steelers.

Washington (3-3) 28 @ Chicago (4-2) 20
#5 returns home again. This time to his true hometown of the Chicago area. One thing I learned about McNabb is that he loves playing in Chicago in front of family and friends and usually does really well. I see no difference in a Redskin uniform. Cutler has been running for his life lately and yet the suppose genius of Mike Martz still lines up with a 4 or 5 receiver set with no TE for extra help in blocking. And to run the ball only 8 times after a week where Forte rushed for a career high is just inexcusable. I think Lovie Smith needs to put in Jonathon Moxon and instead of throwing the ball at his father or the opposing team's mascot aim it at Martz. He is leaving Cutler on a platter to the opposing team's front seven.

St. Louis (3-3) 24 @ Tampa Bay (3-2) 28
Great win by the Rams last week against the Bolts. Tampa Bay on the other hand had a wake up call by the Saints. This one is a tough one to pick, so I'm going with the home team and my fantasy QB in this one.

San Francisco (1-5) 20 @ Carolina (0-5) 13
Finally the Niners won a game. Will that continue in the east coast. The Panthers are going back to Moore at the QB position. They will also get a boost from Steve Smith coming back, but who cares when you have no one who can get the ball to him. I don't like the Panthers but I also don't like a 1-5 team from the west coast playing in the east coast.

Buffalo (0-5) 10 @ Baltimore (4-2) 24
Just what the Ravens need after a OT loss. The Buffalo Bills. Ray Lewis by far has the best quote about what the NFL is trying to do with the hits- "My opinion is play the game like that game is supposed to be played, and whatever happens happens". Instead of complaining and mulling retirement Lewis just said it the way it is. There also could be some tension on the offense side of the ball as it was reported that Flacco is getting a lil upset with the conservative play calling. All will be well in Ravenland after this week.

Philadelphia (4-2) 27 @ Tennessee (4-2) 17
Huge Inter-conference game here. The Eagles can get a leg up in their division as the Titans beat the Cowboys and Giants earlier this season. This is going to be a tough one for the Birds as they go against Chris Johnson, hopefully he can be contain like Gore and Turner were in the previous two weeks. Tennessee is coming off a Monday night victory laugher over the Jags. Philly will like a win here before the bye and stay atop the NFC East as the Titans will like a win to stay atop their division. Unfortunately, DJax will be sitting this one out and to be honest I think he will be out for a while since this is his 2nd major concussion in as many seasons. The Titans D have two former Eagles who were cut earlier in the year and have been playing awesome under Jeff Fisher. Babin is 4th in the league in sacks and Witherspoon is playing well and both will like nothing more then to do some damage to the Birds. Vince Young is a game time decision but I think he will play. I went against my team last week. Not going to do it this week.

Jacksonville (3-3) 6 @ Kansas City (3-2) 20
The Chiefs are coming off a tough loss to the Texans. I just don't understand how Andre Johnson can get so open on a play like that- let someone else beat you. The Cheifs had that game and let it slipped away. Whereas the Jags didn't even show up on Monday at home against the Titans. Arrowhead is a tough place to play and to have Todd Bouman as your QB is never a good thing.

Pittsburgh (4-1) 24 @ Miami (3-2) 17
This one is the matchup of the week for me. I love the physicality of these two teams. If this were Big Ben's first game back I think I would go the Fins way, but with the rust starting to come off last week- I'm picking the Steelers. Miami will have to try to keep the Steelers out of the endzone and to capitalize on their mistakes for them to win. Don't be surprise if the Fins come out on top in this one.

Cleveland (1-5) 17 @ New Orleans (4-2) 31
Nice start for the McCoy era against Pittsburgh last week. Word is that he is starting again this week. First the Pittsburgh D and now trying to keep up with Drew Brees this week. The Saints last Sunday finally had a game that wasn't a nail biter. This should be another blowout in this one as the Browns come to the Big Easy.

Arizona (3-2) 21 @ Seattle (3-2) 30
Man was I wrong about that Seattle game last week. Good job by the defensive front seven wrecking havoc all day on Cutler. Although that is as easy as it sounds these days. My new way on picking NFC west opponents is to just pick the home team whenever they face each other.

New England (4-1) 28 @ San Diego (2-4) 38
This is the hardest game to pick this week for me. New England going out west to face the Chargers. Which Charger team will show up is a guessing game as any other. New England looked like the Patriots during their dynasty years, which is pretty scary. I still don't trust that defense though and the Chargers have their backs against the wall and they seemed to always start balling when that happens. That is way I'm picking the Bolts.

Oakland (2-4) 10 @ Denver (2-4) 24
Big divisional matchup here. Denver coming off a tough loss to the Jets last week. All they needed was to stop one play and ended up getting a pass interference call that led to the game winning TD for New York. Oakland is coming off a brutal loss to the winless Niners. Denver has been playing decent football despite a 3 game losing streak. I don't see that streak going to 4.

Minnesota (2-3) 34 @ Green Bay (3-3) 27
Huge game for the Vikings here. A win here and the start of 1-3 is a distant memory. They didn't play well last week against Dallas but still manage to win the game. Mainly because of stupid ass penalties caused by Dallas. Brett Favre comes back to Lambeau Field for this Sunday night matchup. Primetime at his old stadium calls for some magic and a possibility of some mooning from Moss. Green Bay is hurting still and is my main reason for picking against them.

New York Giants (4-2) 38 @ Dallas (1-4) 41
Funny how the NFL is when three weeks ago we thought the Giants were falling flat on their face and that the Cowboys finally woke up and got their season on track. Just the exact opposite happened. Will the Giants keep the foot on the Cowboys throat or will the Cowboys win a game with their backs against the wall. It seems like these games are always a high scoring affair in Dallas. The Giants need to hound Romo all night to cause turnovers. I think the Cowboys come out on top in this one to keep their season alive.


Detroit (1-5)- Leave it to the Lions to have a 1-5 record and to have score more points than points against.

Houston (4-2)- By the time they get back, Andre Johnson's ankle should be healed.

Indianapolis (4-2)- A much needed by for the Colts. Unfortunately Dallas Clark went onto the IR this past week and Austin Collie will be sidelined for at least 3 weeks. But hey as long as Peyton Manning is under center the Colts will be alright.

New York Jets (5-1)- Will this bye cool off a team that has been riding the hot hand lately?

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