Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week 12 Picks

Took a much needed bye week last week. Jen and I moved again, this time to a 2 bedroom apartment in the same complex. Jen also had the baby shower this past weekend and I will like to thank everyone for all the great stuff the lil one and her proud parents will enjoy. A special thank you to Jen's sister Tammy for organizing the party.

Last week ended up with a 14-2 record, but it still was not enough to win the office pool. Although I was in it on Monday night, I had too many points for the tiebreaker. At least I moved up in the overall standings as I am one behind the leader. Enough of that let's get to the picks of week 12.

New England (8-2) 34 @ Detroit (2-8) 21
The annual Turkey day in Detroit. This year the Lions face Tom Brady and the Pats. The Lions will have one thing going for them in this game and that is their awesome throwback unis. Detroit has loss 6 straight games on Thanksgiving, ironically their last victory was in '03 against the New England Patriots. I think the Patriots continues the losing streak for the Lions on Turkey Day.

New Orleans (7-3) 27 @ Dallas (3-7) 17
I know Fox had their chops licking in the beginning of the season having this game on Thanksgiving. Then the 'Boys crapped out to start the season making this game less appealing. But in the past 2 weeks the Cowboys are undefeated under their new coach. Will that continue against the resurgent Saints? On a side note I will like to give a huge FU to Sean Payton and Drew Brees for causing a crushing defeat in my fantasy last week. The Saints were up 34-19 with 36 seconds left and were inside the 20 on a 4th & 6, Brees dropped back to pass for a touchdown and threw an interception to the one DB I was facing causing a one point defeat. It also cost my team high score for the week ($75) and now the team that beat us has the tiebreaker for the playoffs. I actually wouldn't be surprise if the Cowboys walk away with a victory. The football gods frown upon on running up the score.

Cincinnati (2-8) 9 @ New York Jets (8-2) 20
The Bengals are a hot mess right now, letting the Bills come back and score 5 Tds in the 2nd half. Just a disgrace. The Jets aren't winning perfectly but they are winning. In the last 3 games alone- Santonio Holmes has either scored or set up the Game Winning score. Him and Sanchez have been really fun to watch these past couple of weeks. The Jets fans have at least lost a year of their lives due to the high stress level their team has played. T.O. is an idiot. First off after the game last week he just kept saying embarrassment (had every right to) but also stated that he doesn't have a sound byte. T.O. THAT IS A SOUND BYTE you dope. And now he is calling out Revis by saying he is an average player. Umm didn't they faced each other twice last season. Owens stats for the two games were 6 rec for 44 yards. Just keep talking Owens.

Green Bay (7-3) 21 @ Atlanta (8-2) 24
The Game of the Week is in Hotlanta. The Packers D has been playing phenomenal has of late. Holding their last three opponents to 10 points (Jets-0, Cowboys-7, Vikings-3). The Falcons though are a different story. I have been saying that the Falcons are the best team in the NFC now and this game will most certainly prove that. A Green Bay victory will be huge for them as they will hold the tiebreaker with both Atlanta and Philadelphia. But as the new rule in the gambling manifesto is to never bet against Matty Ice at home, Dirty Birds in this one.

Pittsburgh (7-3) 31 @ Buffalo (2-8) 17
Well the Bills lil winning streak was fun while it lasted. The Steelers are coming off a monster game against the Raiders and will be looking to continue that ass whooping mentality in Buffalo this week.

Carolina (1-9) 6 @ Cleveland (3-7) 13
What's up with Cleveland QBs and their ankles. Colt McCoy injured his ankle to become the 3rd QB to do so in Cleveland. And because of that Jake Delhoumme gets the start for the Browns. I just can't select the Panthers in this one, they are just a bad football team this year.

Jacksonville (6-4) 13 @ New York Giants (6-4) 17
The gift that just keeps on giving. Eli Manning fumbling AGAIN (he also did last year against the Eagles) going head first instead of sliding. The turnovers (30 in all) are finally catching up to them. The Jags are riding the hot hand lately but I don't see it continuing in Jersey. The Giants D will win this game for them. Eli will need to carry the offense in this one and with a depleted O-line and receiving core.

Minnesota (3-7) 24 @ Washington (5-5) 17
Not picking the 'Skins last week is what doomed me from winning the office pool. I should have known McNabb will bounce back as he always does after a horrific performance. The Vikings fired Childress over the week but are still going with the old man as their QB. Please put in Jackson Frazier. I see the Vikings players playing hard in this one just like the 'Boys did when Phillips was fired. Washington is too beat up on the Defensive side of the ball and that is what is going to hurt them in this contest.

Tennessee (5-5) 10 @ Houston (4-6) 27
Add the Titans to the long list of drama teams this season. I thought Houston was going to be a different team this year, but as always they can't close it out when needed. I'm going with the more experienced QB in this one.

Kansas City (6-4) 20 @ Seattle (5-5) 17
The battle of the West division leaders. Hasselbeck has been playing well lately and being at home will definitely have an advantage on the Chiefs. But I still like KC in this one.

Miami (5-5) 13 @ Oakland (5-5) 21
Thigpen just looked lost all game against the Bears last week and the 'Fins running game has been lost all season. The Raiders will bounce back with a strong running performance from McFadden.

St. Louis (4-6) 10 @ Denver (3-7) 20
The toughest game to pick this week. The Broncos will need to win sometime and I think this is their best chance. The only reason why for the pick is because they are at home.

Philadelphia (7-3) 24 @ Chicago (7-3) 17
Along with Atlanta and Green Bay, this is an important game for the NFC playoff picture. Vick actually looked human last week against a tough Giants D. The Bears definitely studied that game film and will try to replicate what they did. The Eagles though need to score Touchdowns when they get turnovers. Scoring only FG's kept the Giants in the game last week. Vick is on the cover of SI this week, which I gotta say irks me because of the all jinx thing. This should be an interesting matchup but of course I see the Birds coming out on top.

Tampa Bay (7-3) 10 @ Baltimore (7-3) 24
Josh Freeman will be tested in this one. Tampa had been winning games but they have been against inferior opponents. Now they will come into Maryland to face one of the toughest teams in the NFL. I think the Ravens are too much to handle for the Bucs in this one as they begin to fall back down to Earth.

San Diego (5-5) 21 @ Indianapolis (6-4) 34
Never bet against Peyton in primetime and especially after a loss he gave away himself. Pissed off Manning is not a guy you want to mess with.

San Francisco (3-7) 24 @ Arizona (3-7) 13
With Seattle losing this week, the victor of this game will be 1 game back in the division. Crazy that one of these teams from the NFC west is making the playoffs.

And to wrap up this weeks blog I will like to give some random thanks for the holiday.

First off I will like to thank my beautiful fiance for everything she has done for me. You are an amazing person Jen and you will be a more amazing mother.

To my family and friends, I don't know where I will be if it weren't for the love and support I get from y'all. Thank you.

Last but not least to the Veterans who fought and are fighting for freedom across the globe. This is something that the average American takes for granted not knowing the sacrifices made by the Brave. Thank you all.

Last week: 14-2

Season: 103-57

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