Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NFL Week 14

Indianapolis (6-6) 28 @ Tennessee (5-7) 13
When was the last time anyone said this is a must win game for the Colts to even think about the playoffs this late into the season? Playoffs? I can hear Jim Mora now. They only way they get in is to win the division (same goes for San Diego). No one is catching up to the Ravens and Jets in the wilcard. Manning obviously has been bothered by not having his safety net Dallas Clark in. Since his season ending injury (6 games) Manning has thrown 13 picks (11 in his last four alone). Clark is such an essential part for that offense and it shows. They are 2-4 since he went out. Tennessee is winless since the Moss trade. Chris Johnson has been non existent. I remember thinking that the Moss trade would've open thing up even more for Johnson. I'm going with Manning over Collins in this one.

Cleveland (5-7) 13 @ Buffalo (2-10) 6
Tough pick of the week. Cleveland's D played one hell of a game last week in Miami. Picking off Henne 3 times. Buffalo got innihilated in Minnesota. Jake Delhoumme starts for the Browns and is awful. This is going to be a battle between Fred Jackson and Peyton Hillis. Whoever holds onto the ball wins this one.

Cincinnati (2-10) 17 @ Pittsburgh (9-3) 27
What a play for the Polomalu last week to change the course of the game in Maryland last week to control the division lead with 4 left to play. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX9xDiubH8E. The Bengals always play the Steelers tough. The Steelers dominated the last game but then let the Bengals make a game out of it in the 4th.

Green Bay (8-4) 34 @ Detroit (2-10) 24
This is a huge game for the Pack as they are on the outside looking in for the playoffs. Their schedule doesn't get any easier than this game here. The next 3 games for them are @NE, NYG, CHI. Detroit will love nothing more than to play spoiler here.

New York Giants (8-4) 24 @ Minnesota (5-7) 17
There are two teams no one wants to face right now and the NFC East leaders are facing both of them. The Giants visit the Vikings who are 2-0 under couch Frazier. Favre was injured last game and no surprise that he was intercepted on the play. Jackson came in and the Vikes exploded for 38 points on the Bills, and Tavaris even threw 3 picks. Will the streak finally come to an end for Favre? Even if he does start, he'll get knocked out anyway. The Giant's D has been playing well lately. Their rookie Jason Pierre-Paul has been playing out of his mind lately with 2 sacks in each of his last two games. Along with many QB pressures and hurries.

Tampa Bay (7-5) 24 @ Washington (5-7) 16
Tampa Bay 7-0 against teams under .500 and 0-5 against winning teams. The Skins' I think will win this game, but I'm still going with the safe bet here and picking the Buccaneers.

Atlanta (10-2) 31 @ Carolina (1-11) 10
The only way the Falcons lose this game is if they go in overconfident. Which is a possiblity but I don't see it.

Oakland (6-6) 17 @ Jacksonville (7-5) 20
The Colts become the biggest Raider fans this week as they hope for a Jaguer loss here before their battle for 1st place next week in Indianapolis. If the Raiders do win I believe they will be 1 game back from the division lead in the AFC west. But usually when the Raiders play an awesome game they throw a stinker in the next.

Seattle (6-6) 24 @ San Francisco (4-8) 27
A must win game for the Niners and with a Rams loss this week also, they will only be 1 game back for this disiaster of a division. I'm still sticking with them to win it.

St. Louis (6-6) 13 @ New Orleans (9-3) 31
Saints need to win here to keep up with their division foe the Falcons.

Miami (6-6) 13 @ New York Jets (9-3) 17
What an ugly display of football last week by both these teams. Henne throwing the game away with an INT inside the 20 of his own zone with 54 seconds to set up the GW field goal for the Browns. The Jets with all their brash talk didn't even show up in New England. They are going to be in pissed off mood when they take the field against the 'Fins.

Denver (3-9) 17 @ Arizona (3-9) 6
Arizona has given up this season. Denver still plays hard.

Kansas City (8-4) 6 @ San Diego (6-6) 28
Brodie Croyle is 0-9 as a starter and this is a must win for the Superchargers.

New England (10-2) 17 @ Chicago (9-3) 13
Game of the Week. It's going to be an interesting matchup here in the snow with Tom Brady against this Defense. We all know Brady loves playing in the snow and seems to play his best in the powder.

Philadelpha (8-4) 37 @ Dallas (4-8) 27
Doesn't matter that this is a lost season for the Cowboys. The Birds are still fuming over last year and will need a win here to keep their bye hopes alive.

Baltimore (8-4) 24 @ Houston (5-7) 17
This is a must win for the Texans but I think a pissed off Raven team is too much.

Last week: 12-4

Season: 127-65

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